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Tips for Renting an Apartment for Studying in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia, is one of the most popular cities to study in Australia, with many famous institutions such as the University of Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and Monash University.

The first problem you need to solve when you go to Melbourne to study is accommodation.

As an international student, how do you rent a room in Melbourne?

How do you rent a house in Melbourne when you are in China?

How do I rent a house to study at Melbourne University?

Many international students in Melbourne are worried about how to find satisfactory housing. For this reason, this article explains in detail the types of housing, recommended areas, rental websites, rental process and recommended agents for renting accommodation in Melbourne so that even if you are a newcomer to study in Melbourne, you can find satisfactory housing easily.

Types of Melbourne Rental Apartments

There are three types of housing available in Melbourne:

1. Student Apartments Provided by Universities

Institutions such as the University of Melbourne, RMIT and Monash University provide student apartments that international students can rent.

These student apartments are equipped with basic furniture and electrical appliances and are located on campus, making them convenient and safe.

However, due to the limited number of student apartments, it isn’t easy to apply for them. Moreover, they are allocated randomly, so even if you get one, you may not be satisfied with the accommodation. Therefore, more international students still choose to rent their apartments.

2. Social Apartments

Social apartments provide a variety of choices for international students who choose to rent their apartments off-campus. There are three types of social apartments:

A. Apartment

Apartment refers to some higher-class flats, mainly in high-rise buildings. Generally, the apartments are equipped with access control systems, and most of them come with swimming pools, gyms, recreational areas, garages, etc., which make living safer and more convenient. Room types are divided into one-bedroom and one-bath, two-bedroom and one-bath or two-bath, three-bedroom and two-bath, etc., similar to domestic community housing.

Popular Social Apartments in Melbourne Price/(From:AU/Week)
Realm Caulfield 630
Home Southbank 650
City Lifestyle Accommodation 425
South Yarra 185
Docklands Collins 185
The House of Monash 340
Together Co-living 532
648 Lonsdale Street 770

B. Unit

Unit is a 2~3 story townhouse. This type of housing structure is similar to that of an apartment. Still, the facilities are worse and older than the Apartment, so it can be said that it is the downgraded version, so the rent is also lower than the Apartment.

C. House

House refers to single-family houses, generally more one-story, but also two or three-story, with a yard and garage, equivalent to the domestic villa. This type of housing has ample internal space, good privacy, and will not be noisy by the neighbours. However, Houses are mainly located in the suburbs and are more suitable for people with cars.

3. Commercial Student Apartments Operated by a Third-party

There are many third-party-run commercial student apartments in Melbourne. Generally, most of these apartments are located near the school and equipped with basic furniture, electrical appliances, and a janitor. They can be moved in with a handbag, which is more convenient and safer for international students.

There are three main types of student apartments:

Studio: A single-room apartment with a bathroom and kitchen.

En-suite: Self-suite with bathroom, shared kitchen and living room for 5-6 people.

Standard: Shared bathroom and kitchen.

International students can choose the room type according to their needs.

Popular Student Accommodation in Melbourne Price/(From:AU/Week)
Scape Victoria Street 609
UniLodge Melbourne CBD 439
Melbourne Victoria Market 439
UniLodge Melbourne City 399
Scape Carlton 429
Iglu Melbourne City 489
Student Village Melbourne 401
Scape Swanston 529
UniLodge Melbourne Central 475
Berkeley Street 389
Melbourne Central Student Accommodation 629
Scape Aurora 699

Recommended Areas for Renting Apartments in Melbourne

For international students in Melbourne, the following are the main points to consider when choosing an area to rent an apartment:

A. Location of Schools

a. University of Melbourne: The campus is in Carlton, close to the City.

b. RMIT: There are five campuses total: City Campus, Bundoora Campus, Brunswick Campus, Point Cook Campus, and Hamilton Campus. More than 90% of the students study on the City (Melbourne City Center) campus.

c. Monash University: There are six campuses in Melbourne: Caulfield, Clayton, Peninsula, Berwick, Parkville, and Gippsland. Most international students study at the Caulfield and Clayton Campuses.

B. Safety of the Neighborhood

C. Transportation and Living Convenience

In addition, you need to consider your financial conditions, personal preferences, and other factors when renting a room in Melbourne.

By comprehensively comparing the conditions, the following are the recommended areas for renting an apartment in Melbourne and their advantages and disadvantages. Please refer to them.


The main campus of the University of Melbourne is located in Parkville, which is close to the University of Melbourne, RMIT University City Campus and Monash University City Campus;

There are many international students in the neighbourhood, and the security and environment are good, so it is convenient to live;

A wide range of housing types, easy to find suitable housing;

The rent is relatively cheaper than that of Melbourne City;

The disadvantage is that most of the rental houses are small in size;


It is close to the University of Melbourne and City, within walking distance;

Carlton is close to the University of Melbourne and City, within walking distance;

There are many international students in Carlton, and the security and convenience of life are good;

Housing is mainly apartments, fewer houses or townhouses, and the houses are a bit old;

The rent is a bit high;


The city is close to the University of Melbourne, RMIT University and Monash University, making it convenient to go to school;

Melbourne CBD is convenient for transportation, living and shopping;

Housing is mainly apartments;

Rent is slightly higher

Noisy and high traffic flow;

North Melbourne

Closer to Melbourne University, City, choice of walking, tram and bus to school;

Good law and order, high amenities;

A wide range of housing stock, more apartments than houses, and newer apartments;

Not part of the free tram zone;

Overall good value for money;


Slightly far from the University of Melbourne, need to take public transportation to school (about 30 minutes);

Asian neighbourhoods, lots of Vietnamese and Chinese supermarkets and restaurants;

General law and order;

Housing is mainly housing;

Rent is relatively cheap;


Home to Monash University’s Clayton campus;

A large number of students;

Distance from City;

Fewer housing units;

Notting Hill

10 minutes from Monash Clayton campus by bus;

A large number of students and good security;

Housing types are mainly houses, with a few apartments;


Monash Caulfield campus is located in the location walking distance of the school students prefer;

Next to the school is the subway station, convenient to City entertainment, shopping;

Housing is mostly housing;

Prices are a little higher

Glen Huntly

2 kilometres away from Monash Caulfield Campus, 15 minutes walk;

A large number of students live there, and the security is good;

Townhouses are primarily available and are relatively new;

Slightly higher price


conveniently located along the Yarra River and close to FlinderStation, the largest station;

Convenient living;

Fewer choices of housing and older apartments.

Inner Suburb

Walking distance to the University of Melbourne.

Quieter neighbourhood, lots of brunch;

Fewer Chinese restaurants and Asian supermarkets;

Rental prices are similar to the CBD but on the higher side;


Docklands is a good neighbourhood with free trolley service;

Slightly farther away from schools, 40 minutes by tram;


Home to the Chinese Consulate General in Australia;

High-class residential area with high security;

Convenient for transportation and living, 5km from Melbourne CBD;

Rent is more expensive;


A collection of famous schools;

Close to CBD, only 10 minutes walk to CBD;

It is not very convenient for grocery shopping

Rent is similar to Toorak but slightly more expensive;

South Yarra

The closest area to the city

Good environment, quiet, good infrastructure;

Rental prices are higher;

TIPS: Unrecommended areas for renting apartments for studying in Melbourne 

a. Sunshine: General security is far away and remote.
b. Frankston: far away from several schools in Melbourne and a little bit remote.
c. Flinders station: Security and poor safety are not good.

d. Footscray: poor security, poor safety
e. Brunswick: more local people live there, and the security is general.

Websites for Renting an Apartment in Melbourne

There are two main ways to rent an apartment in Melbourne:

A. Private Leasing

This is a direct rental by the landlord, with no intermediary involved, and is mainly for subletting and sharing.

Private leasing is primarily done through

a. School forums

b. uhomes

Finding a room.

It is worth noting that Private Leasing’s listings are a mixed bag, plus there is no need for a credit check, so if there is a problem, the tenant’s rights are not protected, so you need to be careful when looking for a listing.

B. Agent Leasing

This is a method where the landlord entrusts the apartment to an agent, who rents it out.

Compared with private renting, the threshold of agent leasing is high, and the process is more complicated. However, because Australia has more perfect legal constraints on the behaviour of housing agents, landlords’ and tenants’ rights and interests can be better protected. If you are not familiar with the local environment, it is recommended that you choose a regular agency to rent an apartment.

We recommend that you use the following websites to find a property and submit a rental application:

Real Estate


Characteristics: Many properties, many choices, strict auditing.



Characteristics: Similar to Realestate, but not as many properties as Realestate.

TIPS: Melbourne Rental Prices

Melbourne rental prices are affected by multiple factors and usually show the following characteristics:
a. Generally speaking, the closer the house is to Melbourne City, the rent price is relatively higher;
b. Between each area of Melbourne also quality (environment, security, support, transportation, etc.) difference, the higher the quality of the area housing rent is higher;
c. The distance between the house and the station, the neighbourhood, the distance between the house and the surrounding parks and shopping centres, and whether it is quiet or not will also affect the price to a certain extent;
d. Prices vary depending on the condition of the interior of the house;
e. The arrival of the study abroad season (February and July every year) will lead to a certain degree of increase in rental prices;

The Process of Renting an Apartment in Melbourne

Next, take Agent Leasing as an example to explain the process of renting an apartment in Melbourne.

Step1. Determine the area and type of apartment according to your needs;

Step2. Go to Real Estate and Domain websites to find suitable properties;

Step3. Visit the property on-site (if you are not in Australia, you can ask someone to visit the property on your behalf);

Step4. Submit a rental application to the agent (rental application needs to provide personal identification information, financial status, credit history, etc.);

Step5. Sign the rental agreement after the application is approved;

Step6. Pay the deposit and first month’s rent;

Step7. Pick up the key and turn on the water, electricity and gas;

Step8. Confirm the housing condition and fill in the housing condition report;

Recommended Agents for Renting in Melbourne

Due to the high threshold and complicated process of renting an apartment through Agent Leasing Melbourne, it is challenging for international students who rent an apartment in Melbourne for the first time. In addition, due to the influence of the study season, the competition in the Melbourne rental market is fierce, and most of the landlords are not willing to rent to international students who have no record of renting an apartment in Australia, which leads to the aggravation of the problem of international students’ renting an apartment.

Therefore, to make it easy for international students who are new to Melbourne to rent a satisfactory room, some agency platforms, such as uhomes (https://en.uhomes.com/), which specialize in providing one-stop service for renting an apartment for international students in Australia, have been developed.



Official website: https://en.uhomes.com/

The app Uhomes provides global long-term rental apartment booking services, including apartments, whole rent and share, school dormitories, homestay, campus short-term rentals and other housing types. The APP also provides dry videos and live broadcasts of overseas life to help international students get tips and practical knowledge for studying abroad. Good Homestay is committed to delivering one-stop accommodation solutions for global students worldwide. It is dedicated to serving international students wherever they are learning, helping them easily find their favourite accommodation.


Understanding the essential considerations when searching for a rental apartment in Melbourne can empower students to make informed decisions that align with their academic and lifestyle needs.

Exploring the diverse neighborhoods of Melbourne and their suitability for student living can help prospective tenants narrow down their search based on preferences for convenience, accessibility, and lifestyle amenities.

Insights into strategies for balancing budget constraints with the desire for a comfortable and well-located apartment can provide valuable guidance for students seeking cost-effective rental options.

Guidance on the necessary paperwork, references, and procedures for applying for and securing a rental lease can demystify the rental process for students and ensure they are well-prepared for tenancy applications.

Understanding the importance of safety considerations and evaluating the security features of rental properties can help students make informed choices that prioritize their well-being.

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