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4.7 (51 reviews)

Student Accommodation

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6 Bingley Street, Leeds, England LS3 1BZ

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Property ID: S01472824
THE REFINERY undefined
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Basic Info

No Service Fee Near bus station Walk to school Gym 24 hours security Bills included Parcels collect

410 Beds

Highest Floor 10

Built in 2020

The Refinery, located in the heart of Leeds, is a modern and fashionable Leeds student accommodation that opened its doors in September 2020. Strategically located with easy access to almost all popular universities in Leeds, including University of Leeds, Leeds College of Art and Leeds Beckett Business School, The Refinery in Leeds boasts an impressive 410 beds spread across En-suite room types. With no service fees and double occupancy being free, The Refinery provides an unbeatable offer for students seeking a premium student living experience in Leeds!



The En-suite room types in The Refinery are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, which can accommodate 5-8 people. Each student has a bedroom and personal bathroom while sharing the common kitchen and lounge area with their roommates. The en-suite apartments in The Refinery are ideal for students who enjoy socialising, sharing and having a lively environment. Moreover, all the rooms have basic facilities such as cosy beds, desks, chairs, bookshelves, and wardrobes. The kitchen is also equipped with all essential appliances, like refrigerators, microwaves and more. Students can also decorate their rooms according to their tastes, adding a personal touch and making it feel more like home. This London student housing offers free Wi-Fi that covers all rooms and public spaces, and the rent includes water, electricity, heating, internet, and private financial insurance fees. The Refinery regularly holds social events that allow students to meet new people and quickly integrate into local life.

The communal areas in The Refinery include a lounge, study room, laundry room, game room, rooftop terrace, outdoor courtyard, and vending machines. This modern student housing in Leeds city boasts a 24-hour gym for fitness enthusiasts, and students can use the laundry room for a small fee. The cleaning staff will help to clean the communal spaces regularly, providing students with a tidy space to relax and unwind.


Location and What's Hot?

The Refinery London student apartment is in an excellent location, being just a 10-15 minutes walk from Leeds city centre, which has over 1000 shops, 90 cafes, 26 major hotels and cinemas, 29 clubs and 180 bars. Leeds also hosts large-scale music shows, theatres, and various other UK tourist attractions and events. Several supermarkets are also nearby, such as Tesco Express, M&S Foodhall, and Farmfoods Ltd, where students can shop daily. Dining options from around the globe are available at the nearby MyLahore Leeds, The Whitehall Restaurant & BarSous Le Nez, and many more.



The Refinery in Leeds is within walking distance to the major universities in Leeds, such as the University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University, and Leeds Arts University. It is just a 14-minute walk to the University of Leeds, and Leeds University Geography School, a 16-minute walk to Leeds University Business School, Mathematics School, Computer Science School, and the Earth and Environment School. The Leeds Arts and Design School is approximately a 17-18 minute walk, and Leeds University Education SchoolMechanical Engineering School, Electronic and Electrical Engineering School, and Civil Engineering School are just a 19-minute walk away from The Refinery student accommodation.


Security & Services:

The Refinery Leeds student housing prioritises the safety of its residents, offering 24-hour security surveillance and CCTV cameras installed in all communal areas, ensuring students feel safe and secure within the premises. The Leeds student housing staff is attentive, responsive, and happy to assist in any way possible, ensuring all necessary services are provided to residents promptly and effectively.


51 reviews

Amazing facilities · 19
Super-fast internet · 15
Amazing area · 17
Great customer service · 20



19 Nov 2023 01:04:46

The apartment is clean and safe.
The apartment is clean and safe.



23 Oct 2023 18:24:24

The house is very new, the facilities are perfect, and it is relatively quiet. I have to take the big stairs to go to school, and I am tired all the time.
The house is very new, the facilities are perfect, and it is relatively quiet. I have to take the big stairs to go to school, and I am tired all the time.
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House Rules

Cancellation Policy

No Visa No Pay

In these circumstances, please provide evidence (Visa refusal documentation) to the Residents’ Team within 72 hours of being notified.

No Place No Pay

In these circumstances, please provide evidence (UCAS notification documentation) to the Residents’ Team within 72 hours of being notified.

Refund Guarantees Time Limit

72 hour "cooling off" period up to the 31st July. From the 1st August the "cooling off" period is reduced to 24 hours.

Before 31st July, 5 days for you and your Guarantor to sign the Tenancy Agreement. After the 1st August, the time allowed for you and your Guarantor to sign the Tenancy Agreement will be reduced to 2 days.


If the booking is cancelled by the applicant prior to it being countersigned, the Advance Rent payment will be returned.

Once the booking is countersigned, we offer a 72 hour "cooling off" period so if circumstances change, the tenant can cancel the booking subject to having not moved into the property.

From the 1st August 2024 the "cooling off" period is reduced from 72 to 24 hours after the booking is countersigned.

To cancel the booking please email the Residents’ Team within 72 / 24 hours of being sent the ‘Lease Agreement
Executed’ email. The tenant will then be refunded the advance rent payment. NB. This may take up to 10 working days to reach your account.

Once the "Cooling Off" period has expired, the tenant can cancel the booking prior to the tenancy start date if:
• You do not have a visa to enter the UK.
• You have not acquired the grades to be offered a place at the chosen university.
• You have failed to achieve the grades to continue your study at university.

In these circumstances, please provide evidence (UCAS notification/ Visa refusal documentation) to the Residents’ Team within 72 hours of being notified. Once we receive this, we will confirm receipt of your request to cancel and refund your full Advance Rent.

There are no other circumstances under which we will accept a request for a cancellation either before or during the tenancy.

It may be possible with the Landlord’s agreement to transfer your obligations to someone else who is eligible to live at the property. There is no obligation on our part to find you a replacement tenant. You can advertise your
accommodation or undertake your own search for a replacement tenant. If you find a replacement, we will need to do some basic checks to confirm their eligibility to enter into a tenancy.

Before we will accept the new tenant, your account and all obligations need to be up to date and any rent due up to your tenancy ending will need to be paid. There will also be a charge incurred (please see Fee Schedule for details).

Once the new person has signed the Tenancy Agreement and made the first rent payment they will take responsibility for future rent payments and all other obligations as stated in the agreement. Until this has happened you will remain responsible for the payment of rent until the original end date of the tenancy.

Tenancy Agreement
A sample Tenancy Agreement can be viewed on the chosen property’s website page.
Once the accommodation is selected, we allow five days for the applicant and guarantor (as applicable) to sign the
Tenancy Agreement.
Once both have signed the agreement, it will then be countersigned by the Landlord and become legally binding. The
tenant and guarantor are then legally committed to paying the rent in full even if the tenant does not move into the
property or chooses to leave the property early.
If the agreement is not signed by the applicant and guarantor during the five-day period, the booking may be cancelled
without any penalty on our part and with immediate effect.
If booking accommodation after the 1st August 2024, the time allowed for the applicant and guarantor to sign the
Tenancy Agreement will be two days.
All negotiations will be subject to contract and payment of the initially requested funds.

Pets Policy

No Pet

Double Occupancy Policy

Double occupancy rooms:

Bronze Studio: Increase of £0 per Week

Silver Studio: Increase of £0 per Week

Gold Studio: Increase of £0 per Week

Platinum Studio: Increase of £0 per Week


When is the due date for rent payment?

Please enter the Student Portal interface of your apartment, click the panyment to view the interface, you can check the rent payment deadline, please pay the rent before the due date.

How to pay rent?

Please enter the Student Portal interface of your apartment, click panyment to view the interface, you can check the rent payment deadline and pay the rent online with Visa/Master card, please pay the rent before the due date. Please note that the type of payment card must be one of the following four types: Mastercard/Visa/Visa Debit/Visa Electron, please ensure that there is sufficient credit, fill in the account information accurately, and the bank opens and supports this payment behavior. Payment cards do not need to be present in person. 2. Bank remittance: Please contact the apartment to obtain the receiving account information under the guidance of the consultant, and then complete the corresponding payment in the bank. Please note your name and ID to facilitate the identification of the apartment, and the wire transfer will take several working days to arrive, so you need to arrange payment in advance. 3. Payment by phone: call the apartment and provide account information to complete the payment. 4. On-site payment: Students who have arrived at the local area before the rent payment deadline can choose to pay on the spot at the front desk of the apartment.

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Is an installment purchase possible?

Apartments under Frseh are paid rent in four installments by default

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Student Accommodation in Leeds

Can I get student discounts for the Leeds accommodation?

Indeed, students who make early or advance bookings in Leeds can take advantage of favorable deals and secure lower rental rates. Additionally, opting for group reservations can lead to further savings on rent. It's worth noting that there are always ongoing offers, and we encourage you to regularly check our website for the latest updates and promotions.

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Does the rent in Leeds student accommodation include bills?

The inclusion of bills in the rent for student accommodation in Leeds varies depending on the property. However, the majority of our properties in Leeds offer all-inclusive rent, meaning you only need to pay the rent without any additional expenses. It's important to verify the bill inclusions for the specific property you have chosen, which can be found on the property page.

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How much is the deposit for renting a Leeds student room?

The requirement for a deposit when renting student accommodation in Leeds will vary depending on the type of property you choose. The maximum deposit that can be legally charged is 5 weeks' rent. While some Leeds halls of residence may not require a deposit at all, the average deposit for a shared house in Leeds is around £946.05.

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