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Oxygen Tower(NEX), Manchester


50 Store Street, Manchester, England M1 2FS

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Property ID: S01562888
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Basic Info

Highest Floor 32

Oxygen Tower is a modern student accommodation in Manchester, offering both intimate 1b and spacious 2b options. All rooms are furnished and the kitchen is equipped with everyday essentials. Nearby amenities include supermarkets, famous restaurants like Pizzology and Vero Moderno, and cultural attractions like the Salford Museum. Easy access to both the University of Salford and the University of Manchester makes it an ideal place to stay in Manchester.



At Oxygen Tower Manchester, the 1B dwelling is the ideal combination of comfort and functionality, featuring a single bedroom that guarantees tranquillity, plus a living area and kitchen designed to be the canvas for the little joys of life. On the other hand, our 2B flats ensure that a shared stay is still possible. Two separate bedrooms provide the perfect backdrop for sharing laughter, stories and memories while ensuring personal space. Basic furniture is provided in all rooms of the flat, while the kitchen area is also fitted out with living amenities. Large floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room allow residents to enjoy the beautiful night views of Manchester at any time.


Location and What's Hot? 

Oxygen Tower residents can easily find all sorts of amenities, and for daily necessities, supermarkets such as Co-op, Sainsbury's and Londis are ready and waiting, each filled with fresh produce and household essentials. There are also plenty of restaurants nearby, such as Pizzology, where every slice is a testament to the art of pizza making, and Vero Moderno, a true beacon for those seeking modern Italian cuisine. At the end of the day, the Old Pint Pot awaits with its doors wide open, providing a cosy respite for locals and the homeless alike.


The Oxygen Tower is a stunning architectural wonder located right in the heart of Manchester. Just a stone's throw away, you'll find the Salford Museum and Art Gallery, a treasure trove of local history and art that invites you to travel through time and explore the lives of those who shaped this region. A short walk further, you'll find the Museum of People's History, a whispering place of the past that speaks volumes about the fight for democracy and the rights of ordinary people.



For those living at Oxygen Tower, the University of Salford is just an eight-minute walk away. Manchester Metropolitan University is a 14-minute bus ride away, while the University of Manchester is an 18-minute drive. Additionally, Salford Central Station is just a 12-minute walk away, opening the door to endless opportunities and adventures beyond the city limits.


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Student Accommodation in Manchester

When is the best time to look for Manchester accommodation?

Most students have been looking for student housing in Manchester since May, although some student accommodation is available all year round. However, first-year and international students are advised to start looking in January since the on-campus Manchester student accommodation is always in high demand.

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What types of student accommodation in Manchester are available?

On-campus student accommodation in Manchester is a popular choice, especially for first-year students, as they are usually located close to the university campus. Most universities offer accommodation types that allow students to experience group living, such as Shared room and Non-En-suite.


Off-campus student houses are also famous, with Manchester student houses located throughout the city and suitable for all students. You can find rooms for students to rent in Manchester on uhomes.com, which offers private and shared student apartments, often with study and recreation rooms, among other amenities.


Social accommodation and properties to rent in Manchester are other common choices. Students can get rid of room type and location restrictions and choose their accommodation freely. The well-developed transportation infrastructure will help them get to the classrooms quickly.

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How much does Manchester student accommodation cost?

On-campus student halls in Manchester are the most common choice since they are close to the university facilities. The cost of the room could be around £130~£180 per week. 


Off-campus student accommodation in Manchester is becoming more popular nowadays; people can find luxury rooms and services in some high-end Manchester student homes. The price of ensuite rooms to rent in Manchester could be around £200 per week. If you prefer a studio apartment, it could be around £300 per week. Moreover, the cost of 1 bed flat to rent in Manchester could be expensive, around £400 per week.


The social property is the most flexible option; students can decide everything, including room types, location and price. Generally, the prices for private Manchester student houses could be £200~£1000 per week, but you can share it with others to reduce the cost.

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