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26 Newlands Road, Middlesbrough


26 Newlands Road, Middlesbrough, England TS1 3EL

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Property ID: S01579977
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Basic Info

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26 Newlands Road is a cheap student accommodation in Middlesbrough. This modern accommodation is a stone's throw away from Teesside University, making it an excellent choice for those who cherish both convenience and comfort. The residence blends seamlessly into a neighbourhood known for its vibrant cultural scene and green spaces, providing an authentic taste of student life in Middlesbrough. Cultural landmarks like the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA) lie just a short walk away, promising a feast of visual arts and creative events to stimulate the intellect and artistic passions. Meanwhile, the tranquil Albert Park beckons those searching for serenity amidst the bustling city life, offering a natural retreat for relaxation and reflection.



The Non-En-suite rooms at 26 Newlands Road represent a fusion of comfort and functionality, expertly designed to enhance the student experience. Each room has a comfortable bed, ample storage space, and a dedicated study area, ensuring residents have a private and personalized space to focus on their academic endeavours.

Embracing the vision of communal living without compromising individuality, residents have access to fully equipped communal kitchens to indulge in creating meals and the joy of shared culinary experiences. The standard rooms are sanctuaries for interaction and collaboration, where friendships are formed and ideas are exchanged against contemporary furnishings that emphasize style and comfort.

The facilities at 26 Newlands Road cater to all aspects of modern student life, with high-speed Wi-Fi keeping residents connected, whether for study, streaming, or staying in touch with loved ones. 


Location and What's Hot

Just a stone's throw from 26 Newlands Road, the vibrant heart of Middlesbrough awaits. Gastronomes will revel in the eclectic dining scene—'The Curing House' offers a unique charcuterie and wine experience, or if you favor artisan pizzas, 'Barbarossa' is a must-visit. For your shopping escapades, 'Cleveland Centre' provides a plethora of high street brands under one roof, ensuring a hassle-free retail therapy session.

In the realm of caffeine and pastries, 'Bedford St Coffee' is the sanctuary for coffee aficionados, while 'The Olde Young Tea House' promises a quaint setting for delectable treats. Your health and well-being are conveniently catered to with 'Linthorpe Pharmacy' ready to assist with medical needs, and for financial matters, 'Barclays Bank' on Linthorpe Road is at your service for secure transactions and financial advice.



Just beyond the doorstep of 26 Newlands Road, the pulse of Middlesbrough's travel network beats. A brief 10-minute walk will position you at the Middlesbrough bus station, your gateway to exploring the area's charm. Teesside University’s vibrant campus is an inspiring 15-minute saunter away, fostering innovation and ambition within easy reach.

The Middlesbrough train station, a mere 1.2 miles from this student haven, can be reached in under 10 minutes by car or a 20-minute walk, unlocking the rest of the country for your exploratory spirit. Those longing for international skies will find Newcastle Airport accessible within an hour's drive, presenting a route to global aspirations and opportunities.


Security & Services

With a refined focus on safety and convenience, this 26 Newlands Road student accommodation proudly affords a 24-hour CCTV surveillance system, ensuring peace of mind for students and their loved ones. An electronic key card access system also provides a secure yet seamless entry experience.


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Student Accommodation in Middlesbrough

Will I have to pay a deposit for Middlesbrough student accommodation?

Some student accommodations in Middlesbrough will require a deposit (which may start out as a reservation fee) but not all – it depends on which accommodation you choose. If you are asked for a deposit, it will be capped at five weeks’ rent.

Can I get discounts for student accommodation in Middlesbrough?

Yes, students who book early or a while in advance are eligible for good deals and pay lower rent in Middlesbrough. You can also save on rent by making a group reservation. Other offers are constantly available; we recommend you keep an eye out for the latest ones on our website!

How much does student accommodation cost in Middlesbrough?

The amount you pay will depend on the type of student accommodation you choose. A shared house in Middlesbrough will cost you £110.00 per week. A halls of residence will cost, on average £110.00 per week, but could cost more depending on what type of room you select.