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Bailey Street, Sheffield


48 reviews

Student Accommodation

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39 Bailey St, Sheffield, England S1 4EH

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Property ID: S00794879
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Basic Info

220 Beds

Highest Floor 7

Built in 2019 · Renovated in 2019

No Service Fee Near bus station Near park Near supermarket Walk to school Gym Brand new Bills included Parcels collect

Bailey Street is a purpose-built student accommodation in Sheffield for the 2024 cohort, offering superb value-for-money rooms. The apartments include an upmarket contemporary design and décor, with floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the most light. The flats have a full range of amenities, a 24-hour concierge service, and an extremely convenient location. There are 220 rooms in the apartments, the ensuite is 6 or 9 rooms, there are always 5 room types, eight floors high, and the laundry can be card or coin operated. studio double occupancy add £15 per week.


The building has super high-speed WiFi which can reach 4GB/sec. The reception staff are very helpful to Chinese students. The apartment building also organises regular parties with various themes to enrich everyone's life after school. Customers renting can enjoy exclusive discounts from some of Sheffield's local partner shops!



At Bailey Street, each room is designed to meet students' needs. You'll enjoy the privacy and comfort of your ensuite bathroom, allowing you to start and end your day with a personal space that's all yours—no need to queue up or share your facilities.


uhomes student accommodation boasts well-equipped, modern kitchens where you can satisfy your culinary cravings and socialize with fellow residents. The spacious common areas also serve as fantastic spaces for residents to gather, bond, and create lasting friendships.


uhomes understand the importance of academic success. Bailey Street offers dedicated study areas to help you focus and achieve your goals. Plus, with high-speed internet access included, you can stay connected, complete assignments, and research with ease.


Location and What's Hot

Bailey Street student accommodation is perfectly positioned in some of the city's most vibrant and exciting areas. To the east, you'll find the bustling city centre brimming with trendy cafes, eclectic boutiques, and historic landmarks. To the west, the tranquillity of the city's expansive parks and green spaces offers an ideal spot for relaxation and reflection. The northern region has a dynamic art scene with galleries showcasing local and international talent.


Lastly, the southern area is a food lover's paradise, offering a diverse selection of restaurants serving cuisine from around the globe. These hotspots around Bailey Street student accommodation provide ample opportunities for exploration, ensuring that students have access to everything they need right on their doorstep.



Situated just steps away from the city's bustling centre, Bailey Street student accommodation boasts an unrivalled location for both study and leisure. The University of Sheffield is a mere 10-minute walk, making those early morning lectures conveniently reachable. The Sheffield Hallam University City Campus, even closer, is a brisk 5-minute walk away. For those studying at the Collegiate Campus, a manageable 15-minute walk or a quick bus ride will get you to your destination.


Beyond academics, the accommodation is just a stone's throw away from the city's cultural hotspots like Millennium Gallery and Sheffield's Winter Garden, providing an enriching student experience. With the Sheffield Station within a 20-minute walking radius, even commuting beyond city lines is a breeze. Living at Bailey Street truly places the world at your fingertips.


Security & Services

At Bailey Street student accommodation, we take your security and comfort as our utmost priority. The flat premises are secured with 24/7 CCTV surveillance, providing round-the-clock security personnel to ensure your safety at all times. The accommodation offers state-of-the-art fire safety measures and secure entry systems, ensuring a safe environment for all residents.


Moreover, Bailey Street prides itself on providing top-notch services, with a strong focus on maintaining a comfortable, clean, and conducive living space. A dedicated maintenance team is available to address any issues promptly, ensuring minimal disruptions to your daily life. It also offers a variety of amenities, such as high-speed internet, laundry facilities, and common areas for study and relaxation.


48 reviews

Super-fast internet · 15
Amazing area · 16
Great customer service · 15
Amazing facilities · 12



23 Nov 2023

Good environment, good service, good location
Good environment, good service, good location



21 Nov 2023

Staff are very friendly ~ the house is also very good, the sixth floor has not been cold, and the internet speed is no problem.
Staff are very friendly ~ the house is also very good, the sixth floor has not been cold, and the internet speed is no problem.



16 Oct 2023

The apartment is close to the city center and schools
The apartment is close to the city center and schools
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House Rules

Cancellation Policy

No Visa No Pay



No Place No Pay


Rent due date前,如果学生因为签证或大学录取被拒绝而不能在预定的城市学习,可以选择在Uninn同城市其他公寓换房或者推迟入住。在以下结果公布之日起7天内将相关证明提供给公寓,公寓同意后可取消预定,reservation fee不退还。


Is my booking fee fully refundable? / Will I be charged if I cancel before the agreement starts?
Reservation Fee is non-refundable

If you have already signed the tenancy agreement, you'll still be responsible for the full rent unless an eligible replacement tenant is found. A ?50 administration fee is also applicable.

If you're unable to study in the city booked due to rejected visa or university offer, you may be eligible to be released from the agreement. However the reservation fee remains un-refundable. Documents below must be provided within 7 days from the date the results are published.

? a written rejection letter from the chosen university/college or UCAS or a screenshot of the UCAS status which confirms that the required results were not achieved;

? or a copy of the proof of acceptance of the new university by UCAS adjustment.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy
Visa application delay:

If the student cannot obtain the visa on time due to the closure of visa centres, the student can contact UNINN within 7 days for potential deferring the tenancy. We can also terminate the contract and refund the rent and deposit paid, if students decide to cancel in this case where sufficient documents are provided.

Course start date delay:

If there’s a delay of course, students can submit the updated course start dates to UNINN within 7 days and we’ll consider deferring the tenancy to match the course. We can also terminate the contract, if students decide to cancel in this case where sufficient documents are provided to us by August 15th 2020. However, the reservation fee will not be refunded. After the date August 15th 2020, a suitable replacement tenant will need to be found.

Travel ban:

If there’s a travel ban for the UK in the country or region where the student is, the student can contact UNINN before the tenancy start date. We’ll consider deferring the tenancy till the travel ban is lifted,or terminate the contract and refund the rent and deposit paid given sufficient documents are provided.

Early move-out:

If the student would like to check out early for 20/21 academic year, he/or she will still be responsible for the rent this year, unless a suitable replacement tenant is found. We’ll try our best to help but it remains the responsibility of the student to find a replacement tenant.

Can I move out during the agreement?
Yes, you can. However, please note you are still responsible for paying the rent until you find another student to be your substitute tenant. You and your substitute tenant must inform the landlord and accomplish administration works accordingly. The administration fee is applied.

Can I sublet my room?

No, subletting your room without our written permission is against your tenancy agreement. If you want to be released from your tenancy and you have already found a suitable replacement tenant, please come speak to us so we can make sure all the paperwork is in place. An ?50 administration fee might be applicable.

Renewal Policy

check with site team

Early Move-in Policy

check with site team

Refund Policy

check with site team

Room Assignment Policy

check with site team

Pets Policy

No Pet

Room Change Policy

check with site team

Subletting Policy

check with site team

Termination Policy

check with site team

Smoking Policy

can't smoke in property

Double Occupancy Policy

Double occupancy rooms:

Classic Studio: Increase of £15 per Week

Premium Studio: Increase of £15 per Week

Bailey Street FAQs

Can I have guests stay?

Due to the pandemic, we do not allow visitors. Under normal circumstances we will allow guests to stay overnight for a maximum of two consecutive nights, but they will need to speak to the management team at reception and will not be able to pick up a key.

What do I need to bring?

All of our apartments are furnished with high quality furniture, providing ample storage space and comfort. You can contact our reservations consultants for a full checklist prior to your stay. You will need to bring your own bedding and kitchen utensils as these are not provided.

Can I store my luggage in the room during the summer vacation?

If you renew your subscription with us for a new academic year, we can store your luggage for free during the summer.
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Student Accommodation in Sheffield

Will I have to pay a deposit for Sheffield student accommodation?

Some student accommodations in Sheffield will require a deposit (which may start out as a reservation fee) but not all – it depends on which accommodation you choose. If you are asked for a deposit, it will be capped at five weeks’ rent.

Can I get discounts for student accommodation in Sheffield?

Yes, students who book early or a while in advance are eligible for good deals and pay lower rent in Sheffield. You can also save on rent by making a group reservation. Other offers are constantly available; we recommend you keep an eye out for the latest ones on our website!

How much does student accommodation cost in Sheffield?

The amount you pay will depend on the type of student accommodation you choose. A shared house in Sheffield will cost you £135.83 per week. A halls of residence will cost, on average £135.83 per week, but could cost more depending on what type of room you select.