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Student Castle York, York

4.8 (60 reviews)

Student Accommodation

80 Walmgate, York, England YO1 9TL

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Property ID: S00019150
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Basic Info

No Service Fee Near bus station Gym 24 hours security Bills included Parcels collect Double Occupancy(Free)

648 Beds

Highest Floor 6

Built in 2016

Student Castle York is the best modern student accommodation in York. Each room, whether a private studio, En-suite or shared room, is fully furnished with modern fittings, ample storage, a study area, and high-speed WiFi, making it a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. The Student Castle York student accommodation is at a prime location, with the prestigious University of York merely a few minutes away, making it an ideal choice for its students.



Student Castle York is a multi-storeyed accommodation building with 648 beds. The Student Castle York apartments are of three types - Ensuite, Studio, and Shared Room. The Ensuite rooms offer students their bedroom and shared bathroom, while the kitchen and living room are to be shared with roommates, usually between 5-6 people. The Studio type has a bedroom, private bathroom, and private kitchen, offering more private space. It is more suitable for students who prefer living alone and value quietness. Shared Rooms come with a bedroom and private bathroom, a shared kitchen shared between 5 people, and a private bedroom and toilet shared between 5 and 6 people.


Student Castle York has a gym, study room, laundry room, communal lounge, cinema room, and bike storage. All three buildings have lifts. The laundry room has washing machines and dryers operating on a coin-based system. There is also additional storage space under the bed. The kitchen appliances include a fridge, oven, and microwave. The courtyard is a serene place where you can enjoy leisure time without leaving the premises. You can always find a corner in the courtyard to tie a swing or a hammock and relive childhood memories of swinging in the late afternoon sun. The back-and-forth motion feels like a trip back to your childhood. 


Location and What's Hot

Situated in the heart of York, Student Castle York student accommodation is surrounded by many popular dining, shopping, and leisure destinations. For food enthusiasts, nearby restaurants such as Betty's Tea Rooms and Skosh offer unique culinary experiences. Betty's renowned for its traditional afternoon tea, and Skosh serves up innovative, internationally inspired dishes. For your shopping needs, visit the historic Shambles Market. Here you'll find a variety of stalls selling everything from fresh produce to unique crafts.

The area is also home to several high street shops and the Designer Outlet York for those looking for a bargain on designer brands. York Hospital is a large NHS teaching hospital just a short distance away. Boots on Low Ousegate is conveniently located and offers various health and beauty products. Spring Espresso, a small independent coffee shop, is a must-visit. It serves some of the best coffee in York along with a selection of delicious pastries and cakes. 



From the doorstep of Student Castle York student accommodation, you're only a short journey away from your key destinations. The York Railway Station is a 15-minute walk or a 7-minute cycle away. A stone's throw away is the Piccadilly Bus Station, merely a 10-minute walk. For caffeine aficionados, the Perky Peacock Coffee Shop is a mere 5-minute stroll away, making it a perfect spot for study breaks. Longer journeys are also convenient, with Leeds Bradford Airport, our nearest airport, only 50 minutes away by car. These close proximities ensure your convenience and offer you more time to enjoy the vibrant city of York.


Security & Services

Student Castle York security measures are robust, with 24/7 CCTV monitoring and secure door entry systems, to ensure the peace of mind of all our residents. Additionally, uhomes services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of students. 



60 reviews

Amazing facilities · 29
Super-fast internet · 17
Amazing area · 35
Great customer service · 34



19 Mar 2024 19:21

Complete supporting facilities, fast Internet speed, good surrounding environment
Complete supporting facilities, fast Internet speed, good surrounding environment



04 Mar 2024 18:01

Apartment in a good location and comfortable environment
Apartment in a good location and comfortable environment
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House Rules

Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policy (England)
Once you have paid your holding deposit and you have been allocated a room, then should you
decide to cancel then the holding deposit is non refundable.
If you have paid the holding deposit and signed the licence agreement then you will be held to the
terms of the licence until a replacement licensee is found.
If you rebook a room for a subsequent year and your deposit is carried forward, and then you decide
to cancel this booking then the deposit will be withheld.

Pets Policy

No Pet

Double Occupancy Policy

Double occupancy rooms:

Studio Raven Double: Increase of £0 per Week

Studio Raven Deluxe Double: Increase of £0 per Week

Studio Lancaster Double: Increase of £0 per Week

Student Castle York FAQs

How much is the deposit and when is it paid?

A total of £250, of which £150 needs to be paid to the apartment at the booking stage, and another £100 is paid to the apartment together with the rent.

When is the due date for rent payment?

Please enter the Student Portal interface of your apartment, click Booking Status-->Details-->Reprint License Agreement-->Download Copy License Agreement to enter the contract viewing interface, and check that 1ST PAYMENT DAY is the rent payment deadline.

How to pay rent?

For bank remittance, please contact the apartment to obtain the transfer account under the guidance of the consultant, and then complete the corresponding payment in the bank. However, please note that wire transfers can take several business days to arrive, so payment needs to be arranged in advance.

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Student Accommodation in York

What is the best time for students to start searching for student accommodation in York?

The best time for students to start searching for student accommodation in York depends on several factors, including the start of the academic year, availability of accommodation, and personal preferences.


Typically, the academic year in the UK starts in September, so it's advisable for students to start searching for accommodation a few months before that. This gives them enough time to compare different options, make decisions, and secure their accommodation before the start of the term.


Additionally, York being a popular student destination, accommodation can get snapped up quickly. Therefore, starting the search earlier can give students an advantage in securing their preferred accommodation.


It's also important for students to consider their personal preferences and budget when searching for accommodation. They may want to live close to their school or university, or they may prefer a particular area of York for its amenities or social life. Taking these factors into account when starting the search can help students find the perfect accommodation for their needs.


Overall, it's advisable for students to start searching for accommodation in York at least a few months before the start of the academic year, to give themselves enough time to make informed decisions and secure suitable accommodation.

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Are short-term stays an available option in York student housing?

Yes, short-term stays are an option in York student housing. York, a popular student destination, offers a range of accommodation options to cater to different needs, including short-term stays.


Some student accommodation providers in York offer short-term rental options, which are typically suitable for students who need accommodation for a shorter duration, such as a few weeks or months. These options can benefit students attending a summer program, doing an internship, or visiting York temporarily.


However, it's important to note that short-term stays may have some limitations and conditions attached to them. For example, they may be subject to availability, and the cost per night or week may be higher than longer-term rentals. Additionally, some providers may require a minimum stay period or have other specific requirements.


Suppose you're interested in a short-term stay in York student housing. In that case, it's advisable to start your search early and contact accommodation providers directly to inquire about their availability and terms. You can also explore uhomes, which specialises in short-term rentals, to find a suitable option.

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Can I pay the rent for my York accommodation in instalments?

Absolutely, understanding the financial pressures that can come with managing accommodation costs, we've tailored our payment system to be as flexible as possible. Tenants at our York accommodations have the option to pay their rent in instalments that align with their financial inflow, such as student loans or pay schedules, ensuring peace of mind and allowing them to focus on their academic and personal growth without the burden of a singular, lump-sum payment. 

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