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The Oaks Apartments, East Lansing

Student Accommodation

136 Reniger Court, East Lansing, Michigan(MI) 48823

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Property ID: S00700259
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Basic Info

No Service Fee Elevator Gym Parcels collect

111 Beds

Highest Floor 4

Built in 1987 · Renovated in 1987

The Oaks Apartments are part of DTN, a large local apartment provider in East Lansing. The Oaks Apartments, located in East Lansing, is an apartment around Michigan State University. The apartment offers a variety of single or double-bedroom one- and two-bedroom units. The apartment has a variety of supporting facilities, outdoor swimming pool and barbecue area, volleyball, gym, recreation room, bicycle garage, etc. The apartment is conveniently located near the Spartan Stadium, Brody Hall and various entertainment facilities. You can easily travel around East Lansing on the CATA bus. The apartment management team is stationed in the apartment to provide services for you, and also arrange various entertainment and social activities to insulate your university life from "boring". Note: 1. The rent, vacancy status, and supporting information will change at any time. Please communicate with the rent consultant to confirm before renting. 2. The front-end display source is the public information of the apartment's official website. Detailed information needs to be confirmed with the consultant. The specific situation of the subject matter is subject to the content of the "contract to be signed".

Welcome to the DTN family! In order to provide you with attentive service, we have summarized common questions and answers for housing lease agreement (hereinafter referred to as the rental contract or contract) for your reference. We recommend that students read the rental contract and other relevant documents carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your community office or DTN International.

1. What is a house lease agreement (hereinafter referred to as a rental contract or contract)?
The rental contract is the most important document in the rental relationship, and it has detailed descriptions of many important issues, such as: the length of the lease, the monthly rent, the deposit, the number of people who can live in each apartment, and who will pay for water / electricity / gas / Internet / garbage / TV signals and other costs, whether pets are allowed, parking and other information.

2. Where is the address of my apartment (LEASED PREMISE)?
In the upper right corner of the rental contract homepage, under LEASED PREMISE is your apartment's address information, including street name, apartment unit room number, etc.

3. How long is my apartment?
In the first clause of the rental contract, there are instructions for the date of moving in (Beginning) and the date of moving out (Ending). The settings for the move-in and move-out dates are basically the same as the MSU semester. The start and end of the contract are both at 12 noon on the day. If you are studying at another school, please make sure the move-in and move-out dates are appropriate.

4. How much rent should I pay? When is it due?
A rental contract is a long-term lease agreement. The rent is paid in monthly instalments throughout the lease term. Whenever you move into an apartment, make your first payment before the contract's move-in date (eg Beginning date is 8/1, the first due day is 7/1, and the first rent is the last year of the next year Monthly rent for July). Even if you move into the apartment after the contracted date of move-in, the first payment and other payment dates remain the same (in short, the first payment date is based on the Beginning date on the lease, not the actual check-in date). The first clause of the contract specifies the first payment of the rent and deadline, monthly rent and payment deadline, the last amount to be paid and the deadline, and a detailed description of how to pay. These are the costs that you and your roommate share.

5. Can my roommate and I pay the rent separately?
For the convenience of our residents, we accept that you and your roommate pay the rent separately. But Article 10 of the contract stipulates that the responsibilities of the contract are common. In addition to paying your part of the rent, if your roommate does not pay their rent on time, all tenants on the same contract are responsible for paying the remaining arrears except for the late fee.

6. Is there any consequence of paying the rent late?
The rent must be paid on or before the 4th of each month (for example: rent for September needs to be paid by September 4th). If the apartment office does not receive your rent before the end of office hours on the 4th of each month (including the previous balance, if any), you will be charged a late fee of $ 50. If you have not paid all the balance in your account on the 15th of the month, an additional late fee of $ 75 will be incurred. Article 3 of the rental contract has a detailed description of the late fees and other costs incurred, including bank refund check fees and other costs due to insufficient bank balances in the tenant. As before, because the contractual responsibilities are common, all tenants are responsible for paying all the arrears in their apartment account. In addition, if the arrears have not been paid after 8 days, the apartment office will take legal measures, including court summons, removal of personal belongings, etc. All relevant legal costs incurred due to rent arrears will be borne by the tenant.

7. Do I need to pay for utilities such as water, electricity, gas, garbage disposal, internet, and cable TV?
Article 4 of the rental contract sets out the utility (water, gas, etc.) fees that the tenant needs to pay. Before moving into the apartment, please open various Utility accounts, such as: BWL, Consumers Energy, etc. Detailed instructions are included in the Utilities section of the contract Rules and Regulations, including the phone numbers of companies that service your apartment, such as water, gas, and gas. If you rent a house or a row of houses, you also need to take care of snow and fallen leaves.

8. What is the application fee and the reservation fee?
The application fee refers to the fee for the first application for rent, S40 / person, is non-refundable. Reservation (Reservation is the cost of retaining the house before the first payment. After the first payment, the reservation will be automatically transferred to your apartment account for settlement of other expenses, please refer to Article 5 of the contract for the payment deadline of each amount .

9. Will the security deposit be refunded?
Article 6 of the rental contract specifies the amount of the deposit. After all the tenants have cleaned their rooms and moved out of the apartment, without causing damage to the apartment beyond normal use, and without any arrears, the deposit will be refunded within 30 days after the date of removal and mailed to the tenant by check New address (please leave your postal address within four days of moving out). On the day of check-in, the tenant will receive an Inventory checklist. Please complete this form and return it to the apartment office within 7 days.
When checking in, please check the condition of all the facilities in the room, and write the damage on the form: When moving out, if the facilities in the room are damaged and not listed on the form, a certain amount of fine will be generated. If the loss is listed on the form at check-in, the tenant will not be responsible for the loss before check-in

10. What is a Security Deposit Representative?
A description of the form of deposit refund is provided in Article 6 of the rental contract. The deposit is returned to the deposit representative by mail. The deposit representative is also the primary contact person (or the sole contact person) of the contract. The name of the deposit representative / primary contact person will be stated in Article 6 of the contract. The primary contact will receive check-in information before the first payment date (please check your email) and will be your preferred contact in the apartment office. Notification of the primary contact is considered to have notified all tenants on the contract, so the primary contact is extremely responsible!

11. Is the apartment furnished?
Article 7 of the rental contract specifies whether the apartment is furnished. If the apartment is furnished, the furniture addendum in the contract will tell you what furniture the apartment provides.

12. How many roommates can I have?
Many cities in the United States, including East Lansing and many apartment companies, have strict rules about the number of people who can live in a house. For details, please read Article 8 of the rental contract.

13. Can I sublease?
In the case that the original tenant account has no arrears, after the apartment office, all original tenants and subletters have signed written consents, the original tenant can sublet the apartment. In addition, both parties must sign the relevant documents required by the apartment office before the subletter can move in. Please read Article 14 of the contract for details.

14. Can I terminate the contract (Break Lease)?
If the tenant wants to terminate the contract, they must obtain the consent of the owner of the rental contract and terminate the contract together, and sign the cancellation document before the Voiding Date (the exemption date is the last line of Article 9 of the rental contract). Please note that this option is not available in all apartment complexes. If the Voiding Date is blank, the contract cannot be cancelled without responsibility. If the contract is cancelled after the Voiding Date, all tenants are liable. Articles 11 and 12 of the rental contract specify the responsibilities of the tenant if he wants to terminate the contract before or after the check-in.
The tenant will pay a $ 250 default fee and reimburse all promotions or offers. And the tenant needs to continue to pay the rent until the apartment office leases the house to others again. If the apartment is rented again for less than the original price, the tenant will need to pay the difference to make up for the loss of the apartment office.

15. Is there a parking space?
If you need parking, please refer to the Parking Rules section of the contract Rules and Regulations, this section provides information on parking spaces, and your apartment includes several parking spaces. Vehicles must apply for a valid parking permit (Parking Permit). They can be parked in the community (bicycles also require a parking permit). The vehicle must be registered in the name of the tenant or the parent of the tenant before the apartment office will issue a parking permit. In some communities, tenants' vehicles must be parked in designated parking spaces. If the tenant violates the above parking regulations, the vehicle may be issued a ticket or towed away.

16. Why recommend Renter ’s Insurance?
Renter ’s Insurance is a small investment for big peace of mind. Apartment insurance does not include Renter ’s Insurance. It is a wise choice to purchase personal property insurance in advance if your property is damaged, lost, or stolen. If you have a car, personal property insurance can be purchased together with car insurance (your car insurance or your parents' car insurance), so the price will be more favorable. For specific personal property insurance costs, please consult your local insurance company. If the tenant has not purchased Renter ’s Insurance and personal property is damaged or lost, the apartment will default to no liability

17. Can pets be kept?
According to the rental contract, pets are not allowed for tenants without the consent of the apartment office. Some apartment complexes allow pets, while others do not. If you can keep pets, what kind of pets can not be raised, please consult the office of your apartment. If you live in a community where pets are allowed, be sure to sign the Pet Addendum and pay the corresponding fee before pets live in the apartment. Each community has different requirements for the type, quantity and breed of pets. If your pet does not meet the requirements, the apartment office has the right to request and force the pet to leave the apartment.

18. What else is covered in the rental contract?
In addition to your rental contract, your contract includes the following appendices:
(1) Furniture Addendum: If the apartment you signed is furnished, there is information about the furniture
(2) Rules and Regulations: provide various information, apartment parking information, reiterate some information on the rental contract
(3) Mold Addendum: Mold Addendum: How to prevent mold in the room, what to do if the room is moldy, etc.
(4) DTN Tenant Guidelines / DTN Resident Guidelines: common sense such as apartment living guidelines
(5) City of East Lansing Guidelines (Guidelines): Common East Lansing Regulations and Information
(6) City of East Lansing Addendum (Appendix): Rules for Living in East Lansing
(7) Addendum to Network and TV Signal Services / Technology Services Addendum (Bulk Properties): If the community you live in belongs to Bulk Properties, the network and TV signal package is US $ 80 per month, which is usually charged together with rent. Package includes over 150 channels of Gigabit Internet & Community Wi-F and DIRECTV
(8) Addendun of Network and TV Signal Services / Technology Services Addendun (Non Bulk Properties): If the community you live in belongs to Non Bulk Properties, you can choose
A. Network and TV signal package, 70 USD per month (package includes more than 140 channels of Gigabit Internet and DIRECTV
B. Network package, USD 65 per month
C. If you want to get services from other providers, you need to pay the basic package fee to activate the extranet
(9) Lead Paint Pamphlet: Federal law requires that all tenants who plan to move into a house built before 1972 need to obtain and understand information on how to protect themselves from lead poisoning at home.


House Rules

Cancellation Policy


No cancellations allowed. If you can't move in after signing, find a subtenant or fulfill the contract as agreed. Subletting may have additional fees determined by the apartment management.
Application Policy

Required Documents

I-20 or DS2019 See Example

Resident's valid copy of passport

Pets Policy

No Pet

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Student Accommodation in East Lansing

What do the utility bills cover when renting an apartment in East Lansing?

Utility refers to the water, electricity, heating, garbage and wastewater treatment fees, security fees, Internet and cable TV fees and other miscellaneous expenses that the tenant spends every month. Some landlords will include all these costs in the rent and require tenants to pay them together.

When renting a house in East Lansing, can I cancel the lease at any time after signing the lease?

You may not. Generally speaking, the lease will take effect immediately after it is signed, and neither party can terminate the lease in advance. According to the relevant laws of the United States, if the tenant has signed a long-term lease, he/she shall bear the rent for the entire lease term. Even if he/she is forced to move out, the landlord still has the right to require the tenant to pay all the rent.

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Can I go to East Lansing and see the house before deciding to sign?

Try not to. It is best to move in directly after arriving in the United States. Then, the closer the school starts, the higher the rent, and there is no good housing left around the school. Therefore, students, please decide the time you sign according to your actual situation.