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Cost of Living In Brisbane: Student Guide


Studying in Brisbane, Australia, has always been a popular choice for many international students. This most livable city in Australia not only has high-quality education resources but also has a warm climate, beautiful natural scenery and colourful cultural activities.

However, the cost of studying abroad is a problem every international student must face. Below, we will analyse the cost of studying in Brisbane to help international students master their study budget.

Accommodation Costs in Brisbane

Brisbane accommodation

Dormitories are generally school halls of residence, which are reasonably priced; flats are traditionally more expensive, but you can enjoy independent living space; shared houses are relatively cheap, but you need to share the space with your flatmates. 

Here are some of the more popular student accommodation recommendations:

Scape Tribune

Brisbane flat

 They feature comfortable beds, study desks with chairs, and ample storage space. With prices starting at AU$259 per week, Scape Tribune offers an affordable yet high-quality living solution for students.

UniLodge Park Central

Brisbane house

UniLodge Park Central is situated on O’Keefe Street in Woolloongabba, a vibrant suburb that’s a mere stone’s throw away from Brisbane’s city centre.

Whether studying at the University of Queensland, Griffith University, or Queensland University of Technology, the strategic location makes commuting to your campus a breeze.

Student One Elizabeth Street is located in the central business district of Brisbane, close to major universities and educational institutions. This strategic location allows students to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant city life of Brisbane while maintaining easy access to their academic commitments.

Tuition Fees in Brisbane


Tuition fees for international students studying in Brisbane are usually around twice the global average. Generally, That is to say,  fees are cheaper at public universities and relatively higher at private universities and graduate schools. Additionally, tuition can vary by the level of the programme. Roughly speaking, tuition fees for a bachelor’s degree are around AU$ 25,000 per year, and those for a master’s degree are roughly between AU$ 30,000 and AU$ 40,000 per year. It should be noted that tuition fees for some high-level programmes will be higher.

Living Costs in Brisbane


The cost of living for international students in Brisbane is relatively low compared to other Australian cities. That is to say, the average weekly cost of living is around A$500-600, including purchasing daily necessities, travelling expenses, meals, entertainment expenses, etc. It is important to note that international students must budget well because Australia has higher food, accommodation and entertainment costs.

Transport Costs in Brisbane


In Brisbane, the public transport system consists of buses, trains and light rail, the most common being buses. That is to say, students can apply for a bus pass, which costs around $20 to $25 per week. If you need to commute for a long time, you can consider buying a monthly pass, which is more affordable.

Recreational Costs in Brisbane

Brisbane has many free activities, such as walks, open-air concerts and food festivals. That is to say, if you need to spend money, such as visiting museums or cinemas, it will cost around $15 to $20 per visit.


In conclusion, Brisbane offers students a diverse and affordable range of living options. The cost of living in this vibrant city varies greatly depending on personal circumstances and lifestyle choices. For a single student living off-campus, expenses can range from $720 to $2240 monthly. However, the average cost for a single person living comfortably in Brisbane is estimated to be between $400 and $750 per week.

For those considering on-campus accommodation, the average cost ranges between $485 – $645 per week. It’s also important to note that these costs can fluctuate based on location, type of accommodation, and personal spending habits. Therefore, it’s crucial for students to plan their budgets carefully and consider all potential expenses to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Brisbane.

Brisbane is not just an affordable city for students; it’s filled with opportunities, experiences, and a vibrant student life. It’s a place to study, grow, and prepare for a bright future.


If utilities aren’t included in your rent, you may need to budget for electricity, water, and internet, which could add an extra AUD 20-50 per week. Always check what’s included in your rent before signing a lease.

Besides tuition fees, other costs include textbooks, equipment, field trips, and student union fees. Many universities have second-hand bookshops, and student discounts are often available to help manage these costs.

Gym memberships can range from AUD 10-50 per week, depending on the facilities offered. Some student accommodations and universities have on-site gyms, which can be a more affordable option.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is compulsory for international students, costing around AUD 10 per week. This covers visits to the doctor, hospital treatment, and limited pharmaceuticals.

Many students work part-time to supplement their income. Jobs in hospitality, retail, and tutoring are typical and pay around AUD 20-25 per hour.

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