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Savouring the Sea: Discover the Best Seafood Restaurant in Brighton

Whenever you travel to a place, the scenery is essential. But if food is lacking, you will always feel something needs to be added. If you accidentally eat something impressive, you will feel the whole trip is worth it.

Brighton, a famous seaside tourist city in the south of England, is known as the back garden of London and the holiday resort of England. Every summer, the beaches here are bustling. In addition to the beautiful beaches, Brighton’s greatest attraction is seafood. Brighton has become a favourite city for holidaymakers and travellers because it is located in the Greater London area, only one hour away from London by train. Holidaymakers and travellers love to eat, drink and be merry, so here are some of the best seafood restaurants in Brighton.

Regency Restaurant

Regency Restaurant

Opened in 1965, this is Brighton’s best-known seafood restaurant. The Regency Restaurant is housed in white villas on the seafront, with a prominent red sign on the wall. Diners like to sit at alfresco tables with sea views. The ingredients here include almost every kind of seafood, including scallops, crabs, lobsters, cod, halibut, etc., and the complexity and variety of cooking styles will bring you a unique taste bud experience.

Regency Restaurant’s grilled lobster and seafood risotto are specialities. The restaurant is so well-known and in such a beautiful location, but its food prices are very affordable. A variety of seafood can usually be within 10 pounds to get their hands on. Therefore, people visiting Brighton typically choose to spend their dinner here. However, such a hot restaurant directly to go to may not have a seat, so it is still recommended that students beforehand on the restaurant’s official website reserve a seat.

Address: 131 Kings Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 2HH

Business Hours: 8 am-10 pm

Riddle & Finns

Riddle & Finns

Riddle & Finns is a well-known local seafood restaurant chain in Brighton, and it has two branches. The food at this restaurant is a little more expensive than Regency’s, but the dining environment is much more relaxed. The restaurant is also located on Brighton’s seafront, so diners can enjoy a comprehensive sea view as they dine. As Brighton has many Chinese tourists, this restaurant has also introduced a Chinese menu, which is more convenient for tourists who need help reading the English menu.

Address: 12b Meeting House Ln, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1HB

Business Hours: 12-10 pm

The Little Fish Market

Little Fish Market

The award-winning Little Fish Market in Hove has won awards yearly since opening in 2013. As well as being a Michelin-recommended, 3-rosette-starred, 5-star TripAdvisor-rated restaurant, it has also been included in the Top 100 Restaurants in the UK, sponsored by Estrella Damm.

But Little Fish Market’s size is a little more modest than its accolades: the frontage is so tiny it’s almost unnoticeable to passers-by, there’s only one menu, which changes daily depending on the seafood being sourced, and it only accommodates six customers per meal. To ensure the quality of the food, chef Duncan Ray is determined to refrain from expanding, insisting on cooking with his own hands and learning all about seafood. This is because a reputation built on word-of-mouth is more reliable than adverts made out of money.

Address: 10 Upper Market St, Brighton and Hove, Hove BN3 1AS

Business Hours: 1-3:30 pm  6:45 pm-10:30 pm except Sunday and Monday

The Salt Room

The Salt Room

A standout amongst Brighton’s pile-up of seafood restaurants, The Salt Room is a modern British seafood restaurant with unobstructed views of Brighton’s seafront and the iconic West Pier site, and winner of the Seafood Restaurant of the Year Award 2017, is the best restaurant in Brighton for enjoying sustainable, locally sourced ingredients.

The Salt Room’s dishes are freshly prepared from the same day’s catch, and the floor-to-ceiling windows paired with the alfresco dining make for the best dining experience for every diner who comes here. Chef Dave Mothersill has created an award-winning menu offering a range of sustainable seafood ingredients, including fresh cuttlefish, oysters, lobster, sea bass, and the iconic chargrilled fish platter. This platter is unforgettably paired with local Sussex produce and beach holiday ‘must-have’ ice creams and doughnuts!

Address: 106 Kings Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 2FU

Business Hours: 12-5 pm  5 pm-11 pm

English’s of Brighton

English’s of Brighton

English’s of Brighton is a small seafood restaurant and bar all in one, attracting many visitors since 1890. The prices here are very affordable, so many locals and travellers come here. The location of this restaurant is also close to the beach. The appearance of restaurant does not have extravagant decorations, colourful floral embellishments, or a British style. Still, people feel very comfortable, just as the city brings people a sense of freshness and pleasure.

Compared to the noisy seafood stalls, this place is very quiet and elegant. The halibut meat is tender and unique, and the oysters are also very fresh. English’s of Brighton is most famous for its oysters. Buy a plate of oysters, then find a cosy outdoor terrace and lie down to eat while enjoying the sea breeze and the sea view.

Address: 29-31 East St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1HL

Business Hours: 12-10 pm

GB1 Seafood Restaurant & Bar

GB1 Seafood Restaurant & Bar

One of Brighton’s foodie destinations, GB1 Seafood Restaurant and Bar, is within the famous Brighton Hotel. Conveniently located for Brighton Station and the renowned shopping streets, GB1 serves the finest seafood for lunch and dinner every day and special set menus. Chef Alan has consistently advocated for quality food with simple ingredients. Diners can savour GB1’s signature dishes: a classic local seafood chowder or delicious native oysters, followed by Alan’s delicious ceviche or Sussex fish pie.

Address: 97-99 Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2FW

Business Hours: 12-10 pm


What seafood restaurants do you recommend in Brighton?

There are plenty of seafood restaurants to try in Brighton, such as Regency Restaurant, Riddle & Finns and The Salt Room, which have fresh ingredients, great flavours, and great views.

What makes Brighton’s seafood restaurants popular?

Brighton, a jewel nestled by the seaside, has long been celebrated for its vibrant culinary scene, especially when it comes to seafood. This city’s unique charm lies not only in its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage but also in its profound connection with the sea.

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