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Explore Newcastle University: What Makes NCL Special

Hey all, I wanted to take a moment to share with you my experience at Newcastle University, or as many affectionately call it – the ‘Castle’.

If you’re looking for a higher-education journey that blends history, innovation, opportunities galore and an incredible student life – then buckle up!

Here’s my take on this amazing institution.

Newcastle University: History & Ranks

Starting from its glorious inception in 1834 up till now, Newcastle University has emerged as a beacon of quality education and research. Ranked among the top 200 universities in the world, NCL  also prides itself on being part of the renowned Russell Group.

Plus, for all you curious souls out there, NCL Open Days provide an open-door invitation to explore the campus, meet faculty, and get acquainted with everything ‘Castle’.

NCL Library

Now where do we learn, interact, brainstorm and occasionally (or persistently?!) procrastinate?

Enter the Newcastle University Library – a space that speaks volumes.

Offering a wealth of resources across four superbly equipped branches, the NCL library is a sanctuary for your late-night cramming sessions and those afternoon catch-ups over coffee.

NCL Canvas programs

The university employs an innovative online teaching platform, Canvas, that offers a collaborative, inclusive and immersive learning experience.

Whether you’re pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s, or a PhD, NCL Canvas Programs are your gateway to unlocking your full potential, making lifelong connections, and building a bright future.

Newcastle University Jobs

On to opportunities at ‘Castle’. NU offers an array of job positions, from administrative to academic, with an application process that’s straightforward and considerate. View all the part-time jobs or full-time online and get started with your career!

There are roles tailor-fit for any career path you may be venturing on, offering a holistic approach towards professional development.

NCL Student Accommodation

NCL On-campus Accomodation

For accommodation, prepare to be spoilt for choice. The university’s on-campuses living offer a wide array of comfortable, secure and well-furnished accommodations with student-friendly amenities.

Near-Campus Student Accommodation at NCL

If you’re looking for accommodations near the NCL campus, check out uhomes which offers fantastic student accommodation, including Strawberry Place, Wellington St Plaza, Westgate, The View and so many more.

So, you can sleep easy knowing you’re just a stone’s throw away from where the magic happens!

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne: Student Life

And for the pièce de résistance – the student life at Newcastle University.

The vibrant city of Newcastle upon Tyne is a melting pot of culture, experiences and memories waiting to be made. From the much-loved student union bar to the societies that play host to every interest under the sun, NU’s student life is in a league of its own.

The city’s friendly inhabitants, affectionately named ‘Geordies’, add an unforgettable charm that’s sure to make your university years memorable.

Study at Newcastle University

That’s my ‘Castle’ story

Feel free to share your experiences, and for anyone considering starting their journey at Newcastle University – consider this my wholehearted recommendation.

After all, we don’t just graduate from NU, we grow with it. Until next time!

FAQs of Newcastle University

NCL is ranked #110 in QS2024, #168= in THE2024 and  #37 in Times2024 according to the newest research.

NCL’s popularity stems from its excellent academic reputation, diverse student community, vibrant city location, and world-class research opportunities.

Tuition fees at NCL vary depending on the course and your nationality. For international students, fees can range from around £16,500 to £37,000 per year for undergraduate programs and from £16,500 to £26,000 per year for postgraduate programs. It’s essential to check the specific fees for your chosen course on the university’s official website.

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