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What is the Best Student Housing New York for Me?

For international students who are coming to New York, I’m sure that finding an apartment has become a big puzzle for you. There are many factors to consider about finding a suitable apartment. One of the reasons is that you need to find out what are the types of apartments in New York. Generally, rental housing in New York is categorized into studio, 1B, and 2B. Each of these three types of housing has their own characteristics. This article gives you some information about these three major types of housing.

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Differences Between Student Housing New York

1. Studio Room Type

The studio apartment house, is a house where the bedroom and living room are one. This kind of house is suitable for singles and also for a few couples who do not require much space. Taking Isle of Man and LIC as an example, the price of Studio in most of the luxury buildings is 3000-4000 dollars per month. As Studio is more suitable for one person to live. You can consider whether your budget is enough to afford the price of Studio. In addition, studio is very rare because tenants with enough budget want to live by themselves.

2. One Bedroom Student Housing

The two B’s stand for Bedroom and Bathroom. 1B1B is a house type with one bedroom and one bathroom. The nice thing about a 1B1B is that it actually has two large areas (bedroom and living room). And both areas can be occupied. Students have the option of two people covering the rent for the whole house together. Usually, people prefer to live in the bedroom. Most of the time the person who lives in the bedroom is responsible for a larger portion of the rent.

If you’re a couple living together and want a slightly larger family space, then 1B1B is perfect. Or If you have a friend who is willing to live with you in the same area. Then you can rent the same 1B1B with him and negotiate the allocation. If you’re living on your own and want to save on your budget. After you choosing a preferred 1B1B living room/bedroom, uhomes will help you put together a roommate who’s willing to live in another area.

3. Two Bedroom Student Housing

This type of floor plan can be divided into a master bedroom, a second bedroom, and a living room. This type of house type is much bigger and is basically categorized into different situations in terms of living. The case of living three people in the house. That is one person lives in the living room, one person lives in the master bedroom and one person lives in the second bedroom. The master bedroom is usually the most expensive because it has a toilet. The living room is the least expensive. If you choose the master bedroom, then you are responsible for the most expensive share of this price. If you choose to live in the living room, this single price is basically the cheapest of the three types of households. And it is also the most suitable for people with a lower budget.

Pros and Cons of Student Housing New York



  1. Affordability: Studio apartments tend to be more affordable compared to larger apartments or houses. And making them an attractive option for individuals on a tight budget or in expensive urban areas.
  2. Easy Maintenance: With less square footage to clean and maintain, studio apartments require less time and effort for upkeep. Making them ideal for students with busy lifestyles or those who prefer minimalistic living.
  3. Versatility: Studio apartments offer flexibility in terms of layout and design. It allowing students to personalize their living space according to their needs and preferences without the constraints of separate rooms.


  1. Limited Space: The biggest drawback of studio apartments is their limited space. It makes people feel cramped, especially for individuals with a lot of belongings or those who enjoy entertaining guests frequently.
  2. Lack of Privacy: Studio apartments typically lack separate rooms for sleeping, working, and lounging. It leading to a lack of privacy and difficulty in separating different activities within the living space.
  3. Storage Challenges: Storage can be a challenge in studio apartments. As there is limited closet space and no extra rooms for storage purposes. This can result in clutter and a less organized living environment if not managed effectively.



  1. Privacy: One of the key advantages of a 1B1B apartment is the separation of living spaces. With a dedicated bedroom, residents have a private area for relaxation and sleep. It offering a sense of privacy that may be lacking in studio apartments.
  2. Space for Guests: The extra bedroom in a 1B1B apartment provides space for guests or roommates. It making a more suitable option for individuals who frequently host visitors or those who prefer to have separate sleeping areas.
  3. Storage Options: 1B1B apartments often come with additional closet space compared to studios. It providing more room for storage and organization of belongings, which can contribute to a tidier living environment.


  1. Cost: 1B1B apartments typically come at a higher cost compared to studio apartments. The reason is the additional square footage and separate bedroom, making them less affordable for individuals on a tight budget.
  2. Maintenance: With more rooms and potentially more furniture, 1B1B apartments may require more maintenance and cleaning compared to studio apartments. It leading to increased time and effort spent on upkeep.
  3. Limited Flexibility: The layout of 1B1B apartments may be less flexible compared to studios. As the separate bedroom restricts the options for rearranging furniture or utilizing the space for different purposes. This lack of versatility can be a drawback for individuals who value adaptability in their living space.

Factors to Consider Student Housing

    1. Budget: Consider your financial limitations and prioritize finding housing within your budget to avoid financial strain during your studies in NYC.
    2. Space and Privacy: Evaluate the size of the housing and whether it provides adequate space and privacy for your needs. Especially if you prefer a quieter environment for studying or personal relaxation.
    3. Lifestyle: Take into account your lifestyle preferences. Like proximity to amenities, access to public transportation, and nearby recreational activities that align with your interests and daily routine.
    4. Location: Choose a location that balances convenience with affordability. The considering factors like proximity to your university such as New York University or other colleges, accessibility to public transportation, and safety of the neighborhood.
    5. Roommates Preferences: Consider whether you prefer living alone or with roommates. And if the latter, discuss expectations regarding cleanliness, noise level, and lifestyle habits to ensure compatibility and a harmonious living environment.

Average Rent of Student Housing New York

The rental prices in New York City can vary greatly depending on the neighborhood, building amenities, and current market conditions. However, to provide a general idea:

  • Studio Apartment: The average rent for a studio apartment in New York City can range from approximately $1,800 to $3,000 per month, but it’s not uncommon to find studios for higher prices, especially in prime Manhattan locations.
  • 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom (1B1B) Apartment: The average rent for a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment in New York City typically falls between $2,500 and $4,000 per month, again with variations based on location and building amenities.
  • 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms (2B2B) Apartment: The average rent for a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment in New York City can range from around $3,500 to $6,000 per month, but prices can be significantly higher in certain neighborhoods or luxury buildings.

Where I can Find Student Housing New York?

If you’re planning on looking for a place to live in New York. It is very important for you to find a right place to live is your top priority. Uhomes will help you find student housing that suits your needs and preferences in New York. On our website, you can search for the property you want to view. For each apartment, we have a detailed description of the apartment. Also, it include the information about the infrastructure near the apartment such as supermarkets, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, etc. for your reference.


In New York, most students live in neighborhoods close to their universities, offering convenient transportation and a vibrant atmosphere, such as Morningside Heights and Greenwich Village in Manhattan, as well as Astoria in Queens.

Student housing in New York City can vary widely in price depending on factors such as location, amenities, and room type. On average, students can expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $2,000 per month for shared housing or dormitory-style housing. However, private apartments or studios in student-friendly neighborhoods can range from $1,500 to $4,000 or more per month.

Whether a studio apartment is big enough for a couple depends on their lifestyle and preferences. While some couples may find it suitable, others may feel cramped due to limited space and lack of separate rooms. It’s essential for couples to carefully consider their space requirements and privacy needs before choosing a studio apartment.

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