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Best Things to Do in Brisbane This Weekend

The beautiful Brisbane, the charming Gold Coast, the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, the lush tropical rainforest, from the sea to the land, from the land to the blue sky, enjoy the charming sunshine of Brisbane.

Have you ever wanted to escape the cold and windy northern hemisphere, go to the beach where you can wear a bikini and sunbathe, dive under the sea and dolphins to have close contact or walk through the tropical rainforest to complete an adventure you have never dreamed of? Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, is where you can do it.

Brisbane’s city centre is spread along the Brisbane River in a U-shape, and along the river, you will come across all kinds of interesting shops, cafes, pubs, and gardens. ……There are a lot of things to do in Brisabne.

Cool Things to Do in Brisbane-Story Bridge

Story Bridge

Stand tall to see far, climb to Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge, and see the whole city before you! Enjoy a 360-degree view of the city, with the Glasshouse Mountains in the north and the World Heritage-listed Gold Coast Hinterland in the south. You can’t go wrong with this breathtaking landscape with the Glasshouse Mountains to the north and the World Heritage-listed Gold Coast Hinterland to the south! Gather your courage and get going! If that’s not enough, a speed ride over the bridge will be memorable!

Transport: 170 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, take bus 222 or 232 and get off at Main Street; or take Inner City Ferry and get off at Holman Street.

Hours: The bridge is open all day; climbing time is 9 am-5 pm.

Recommended student accommodation:

There are plenty of flats and hotels near Story Bridge that you can rent nearby, making your trip more convenient. You can visit Brisbane Skytower, Atlas Apartments, Ivy and Eve Apartments, and Arena Apartments.

Official website: http://www.sbac.net.au/

Things to Do in Brisbane with Family-Take a Walk in Southbank Park

Southbank Park

Southbank Park is the site of the 1988 Australian World Expo and Australia’s finest indoor park. Set off in the morning, cycle through the woods, pass by the square to see a street performance, or take a short cruise on a yacht or canoe. I highly recommend arranging a trip to the Brisbane Ferris Wheel in the evening, which is particularly moving at night. The shining Brisbane is particularly driving at night, with its glittering stars and city lights echoing each other.

South Bank Park Address: South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland 4101, Australia Opening Hours: All Day

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UniLodge South Bank, Scape South Bank, Student One Elizabeth Street, Scape Merivale

Official website: http://www.visitbrisbane.com.au/South-Bank

Fun Things to Do in Brisbane on the Beach


You don’t have to leave Brisbane to get a strong taste of Australia’s beach culture. With the clean, refined, white sandy beaches of Brisbane’s South Bank and lagoons surrounded by subtropical botanical gardens, you won’t be able to stop if you’ve got your camera with you, soak up the glorious Queensland sunshine and feel the joy that doesn’t cost a thing!

Address: South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland 4101, Australia. Opening Hours: All Day

Official website: http://www.visitbrisbane.com.au/south-bank/things-to-do/swimming-at-south-bank

Things to Do in Brisbane with Kids-Esquire Esquire

Esquire Esquire

Located in the middle of Eagle Street, with a 180° view of the Story Bridge, Brisbane River, and Kangaroo Point, Esquire is famous for its authentic Western food. Even more appealing is that its menu is so varied that there is a new dish every day. So pick your favourite dish or choose Chef Ryan Squires’ recommended menu, pair it with some of Australia’s best wines, and you’ve got the perfect meal. The ideal meal is created.

Esquire Address: 145 Eagle Street Brisbane QUEENSLAND 4000

Official website: http://esquire.net.au/ Tel: 0732202123

Australian Contemporary Art

Queensland Art Gallery

Contemporary Australian art is a blend of Aboriginal art, which is why it differs. Brisbane is home to Australia’s most extensive art gallery showcasing modern and contemporary art – the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) and the iconic Queensland Art Gallery. Both galleries are architectural masterpieces in their own right, housing various Australian and other national artefacts and contemporary Aboriginal art.

Transport: Stanley Place | Cultural Precinct, Brisbane, Queensland 4101, Australia

Official website: https://www.qagoma.qld.gov.au/ Tel: 61738407303

Romantic Things to Do in Brisbane-River Water Tours

Brisbane River

There’s no better way to get on the water than to hire a kayak for a weekend night paddle on the Brisbane River, a relaxing 90-minute paddle through the city’s colourful, warm and bright nightlife. Then you’ll be happy with an Aussie-inspired meal on the river.

Address: Naval Stores Lower River Terrace | Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Queensland 4169, Australia

Official Website: http://riverlife.com.au/adventures/paddle-prawn/

Phone: 617 8915766

Things to Do in Brisbane at Night-See the Brightest Stars

Brightest Stars

There’s no more niche way to see the stars than this: a 90-minute drive south of Brisbane for a romantic night under the stars. Nightfall is an intimate camping experience in the pristine rainforest of Lamington National Park, limited to six guests at a time. Set up camp next to the murmuring, clear river. Explore the tranquillity of nature and fall asleep to the sound of rushing water.

Address: Binna Burra QLD 4211

Official website: http://www.nightfall.com.au/

Fun Things to Do in Brisbane-Sweets on the Left, Beer on the Right


It’s either chocolate or beer. Two of the hottest tours in Brisbane are the Chocolate Tour and The Craft Beer Tour. The Chocolate Tour is a sweet two-hour journey that takes you to various cocoa-based desserts and eight shops. There are also plenty of free tastings along the way! The Craft Beer Tour will take you to 4 venues to taste more than 20 types of craft beer.

Address: Brisbane Visitors Information Centre, Queen Street Mall

Official website: http://foodi.com.au/brisbane/

Things to Do in Brisbane on Sunday-The Collective Market

The Collective Market

The Collective Market in Brisbane is a breath of fresh air in the marketplace. Wander through the stalls and pick from the unique and eclectic clothing designed by emerging artisans. This fun market occurs in the bustling Stanley Street Plaza on Friday evenings and weekends. The designers are primarily creative young people, so chatting with them is fun even if you can’t make a sale.

Address: Stanley Street Plaza, South Bank (Brisbane)

Opening hours: Friday 5 pm-9 pm Saturday 10 am-9 pm Sunday pam-4 pm

Official website: http://www.collectivemarkets.com.au/southbank

Best Things to Do in Brisbane-Customise Your Private Island Tour

North Stradbroke Island

Take the ferry from Brisbane via Moreton Bay to North Stradbroke Island in no time. Here, you can choose from eco-tours, 4WD adventures, paddling, fishing and sandboarding. Or watch dolphins surfing, photograph birds of prey and wildflowers, and find the most cost-effective yet leisurely way to walk the beach.

Address: North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia

Official website: http://www.straddiekingfishertours.com.au/

Phone: 073409 9502

Beautiful Brisbane, stunning Gold Coast, spectacular Great Barrier Reef, lush rainforests, from the sea to the land, from the land to the blue sky. Go and enjoy the stunning sunshine of Brisbane!

Things to Do in Brisabne-Visit University

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia and the commercial, political and cultural centre of Queensland, Australia. The local Great Barrier Reef and Gold Coast make it a world-class leisure and holiday city. The following are the most famous universities in Brisbane:

The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is Australia’s top G8 institution. Its advantages in professional concentration in engineering, education, law, management, and other fields, as well as its strength in business, are also quite good. Its business school is one of Australia’s only six AACSB-accredited business schools. The government, the University of Teaching, Research, and Campus Services. There are three indicators of the quality of evaluation at the top.

Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology (QUT), located in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia, is one of the fastest-growing research universities in Australia. It has world-class teaching facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. QUT has invested more than AUD 500 million in research, teaching, and basic learning facilities, constantly injecting new knowledge into its research strengths. Eighty-five per cent of its research areas in the broad subject hierarchy have reached world-class and above standards.

Griffith University

Founded in 1971, Griffith University is an innovative and forward-thinking university funded by the Australian Federal Government. The university’s Department of Finance and Economics, Regional Cultural Studies, Department of Environmental Studies and Department of Information Technology are all strong points. The environmental sciences, Asian studies, university, music courses, hotel management, and business courses are also recognised as second to none in Australia.

Central Queensland University

Central Queensland University is Australia’s most extensive public university, with 26 campuses and research centres, 14 of which are open to international students. It is also Australia’s largest distance learning provider, offering well-known distance learning courses worldwide. In terms of starting salaries for graduates, it ranks in the top 20% of Australian education providers.


In conclusion, Brisbane offers a diverse range of activities that cater to all interests and ages. There’s something for everyone, from the cultural experiences at the Queensland Art Gallery and Museum to the natural beauty of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and the excitement of South Bank Parklands. Whether you’re a foodie looking to explore the city’s vibrant dining scene, an adventurer eager to kayak along the Brisbane River, or a shopper on the hunt for unique finds in the bustling markets, Brisbane has it all. This charming city seamlessly blends urban sophistication with laid-back Aussie charm, making it a must-visit destination.


Some of Brisbane’s top attractions include the South Bank Parklands, Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Story Bridge, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, and the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).

The best time to visit Brisbane is during the autumn months, from March to May, when the weather is pleasant and the city hosts a variety of cultural events.

Families can enjoy a day at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, take a river cruise, visit the Science Centre at Queensland Museum, or have fun at Streets Beach in the South Bank Parklands.

Popular cultural experiences in Brisbane include exploring the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), visiting the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA), and attending events at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Head to Queen Street Mall, The Myer Centre, James Street for boutique shopping, or the Brisbane Markets for fresh produce and unique finds.

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