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The Ultimate Guide of Chester University Accommodation

The year 2024 has begun, and more and more international students start booking their  Chester University accommodation for September. This blog will provide a detailed overview of the various accommodation options available in Chester to help students find their preferred room more quickly.

Types of Chester University Accommodation

Typically, students will have two options: Social Property and Student accommodations.

Social Property

Social properties can be categorised into houses and flats, with houses generally accommodating 2-6 people depending on the property type. Internally, they generally offer several bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms and a kitchen, some with a yard and garage.

On the other hand, a flat is a self-contained living unit within a larger building and is usually found in flat blocks, flats or converted houses. Larger flat blocks may offer shared facilities such as communal gardens, gyms or laundry rooms.

However, it is essential to note that most social properties require students to deal with utility costs and council tax themselves, and there is no uniform standard for the quality of rooms.

Pros and Cons

Studnet accommodation

Most international students prefer to live in student accommodation in Chester over social properties. These flats provide students with a ready-made living room fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary appliances. The rent includes all bill costs, allowing students to enjoy university life to the fullest.

On-campus accommodation

Many universities in the UK offer self-run student accommodation for their students. They are generally cheaper and closer to the campus and are very popular. However, the number of rooms is small and often need to be booked in advance.

Pros and Cons

Off-campus student accommodation

In addition to the university’s own rooms, many flat providers offer off-campus student accommodation. Such flats only allow students to stay but do not restrict their university. This makes it a popular choice nowadays, and students have more options about location, price, and room type.

Pros and Cons

What You Should Consider about Chester University Accommodation

  • Location: The University of Chester has multiple campuses, so consider the proximity of your accommodation to your campus. Having amenities and banks nearby is also a good idea to quickly settle your accounts.
  • Facilities and amenities: Find out what facilities and amenities your accommodation offers. This may include common areas, study spaces and laundry facilities.
  • Cost: Don’t choose the most expensive but the most appropriate, and don’t exceed your budget.

Recommending Chester University Accommodation

Fontessa House

51/57 Upper Northgate Street, Chester, England CH1 4EF
From £254/week

Fontessa House is a modern student accommodation in Chester, offering 5 types of Studio and En-suite rooms to suit the requirements of the affluent student population. Moreover, the rooms are provided with basic furniture, domestic appliances, and kitchen facilities to help students quickly adapt to life in their new surroundings.

Room Tour Video

Rooms & Amenities

  • University of Chester: 7 minutes walk
  • Cheshire College: 18 minutes on bus
  • Chester Train Station: 18 minutes walk

FAQ about Chester University Accommodation

Indeed, the University of Chester provides residential facilities for students. These residence halls provide a comfortable living environment with various room types and facilities to suit different needs and preferences. In addition, these residence halls are located adjacent to the University’s main campus, providing students with easy access to academic facilities.

Chester is widely recognised as an excellent place for students to live. Chester is home to the University of Chester, which creates a vibrant and lively student atmosphere. It is also a safe city with a lower crime rate than larger urban areas. Chester also has a well-connected transport network, including regular train services to major cities such as Liverpool and Manchester.

Garden Quarter is often considered the most student-friendly area of Chester. The area is conveniently located just a few steps away from the main University of Chester campus and is known for its lively, student-friendly atmosphere. The Garden Quarter has many cafes, bars and shops, providing an active social life. In addition, its proximity to the city centre allows students easy access to all essential amenities.

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