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5 Effective Approaches for Renting in New York

Finding an apartment is an important thing for new students in New York. According to the data at the end of 2023, the average New York apartment has increased by about 30%. However the housing inventory is down about 90% compared to last year. The demand for rentals has increased dramatically, leaving the NYC houses for rent in short supply. Today, Uhomes will gives you 5 advice to help you find a place to stay in NYC.

1. Show you can afford nyc houses for rent

       In New York, most landlords require tenants to provide a document. This document is used to prove that their current salary is at least 40 times their future monthly rent. Also, they have a good credit rating.
       In addition, landlords often also require their tax returns and references from your last landlord in the US. Before applying for a New York apartment, ask your American employer to provide you some documents. The documents include a letter of employment verifying your position, years of service, and salary. If this is your first time in the U.S., we also recommend obtaining some documents. The documents include proof of international bank accounts and assets, bank deposits, foreign currency holdings, all real estate abroad, etc. This will allow you to stay in the U.S. even if you don’t have a bank account.

2. Prepayment help you to keep your house

     When international students with no credit/rental history in the United States apply to rent an apartment, sometimes landlords will accept a higher percentage of rent in advance, commonly referred to as a “prepayment“. This is usually 3-6 months, but can be as high as 12 months. International students can use prepayment as a bargaining chip with the building to show their sincerity and financial strength. However, prepayment carries risks. Therefore, it is important to find a reliable and reputable apartment/management company.

3. Find a reliable guarantor in NYC

      You can ask a friend or relative who live in NYC to act as your guarantor. He/She can provided their salary is at least 80 times the monthly rent. This ensures that if you are unable to pay your rent, your landlord can collect it from your guarantor. While this option relieves you of the burden of having to provide various proofs. First of all, not every student in the U.S. has a perfectly qualified guarantor. Some of the documents that must be submitted by a Personal Guarantor. The documents are four most recent pay stubs; two years of tax returns; most recent bank statements; social security number, state ID; and proof of liquid assets.
      To provide a personal guarantor, the guarantor has to provide proof of credit and income or a financial guarantee. The annual income or proof of funds presented needs to be 80 times the monthly rent. Taking the guarantee company, “Insurent”as an example. You need to pay one month’s rent as premium to be qualified to rent an ideal apartment.

4. Share NYC Houses for Rent With Roomates

     As an alternative, you may also want to consider finding a roommate. Someone who is working locally, and meets the criteria. The criteria are having a steady job, a decent salary, and a good reputation.
     Most landlords only care about rental. You need to ensure that one of the people living in the apartment, who has enough money to pay the total rent. This allows the other occupants to be added to the lease as as occupants, regardless of their financial status.
At this point, you can lower the requirements for roommates. As long as the combined salaries of the tenants under one roof meet the requirements.

5. Looking for sublet houses for rent in NYC

     A sublease is usually handled directly by the current tenant. And therefore does not have those strict requirements of an official lease for the building. Subletting an apartment gives you a respite from the transition. You can find a new job and build up your U.S. credit during this time. In the future, you can prove yourself as a reliable tenant.
     If you are not in New York, and you are trying to find this kind of sublet. Make sure that before you come up with any cash, make sure that this subletting behavior itself is legal. You need to make sure that the subletting landlord can do it legally.

Popular Areas of NYC Houses for Rent

     Columbia University, Fordham, NYIT, Julliard, and Barnard Colleges are located on the Upper West Side. Students generally live on the Upper West Side, or in Midtown West. The subways 1, 2, 3, B, and C ensure that the campuses are accessible from Midtown. Also, it guarantee a 30-minute commute from Midtown to the campus.
     The Columbia neighborhood is safe up to 120th St. Fordham and NYIT students can also live in Queens. And it guarantees a 30-50 minute commute to campus.
     New York University (NYU), SVA and The New School/Parsons, Pace University (Pace), St John’s University Manhattan, CUNY, SVA, FIT, Yeshiva University Manhattan are located in Manhattan. It is located in Lower Midtown, and students generally live near the school, which is not far from the subway and guarantees a 30-50 minute commute to campus.


FAQ about NYC houses for rent

Living with roommates in NYC can be more cost-effective due to shared expenses. The extent of savings depends on factors like apartment size and location. Consider personal preferences and potential challenges before deciding on shared living arrangements.

To sublease in New York, check your lease for permission. The process include landlord approval, and find a subtenant through platforms like Craigslist. Create a sublease agreement, notify the landlord, and continue to fulfill your responsibilities while maintaining open communication and record-keeping. Ensure a smooth end to the sublease by adhering to agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Renting in NYC varies by location and size, with one-bedroom apartments ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 or more. Prices are influenced by borough, neighborhood amenities, and market conditions. Prices can differ significantly between Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

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