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Discover the Best 5 Student Accommodations near Monash University

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey as a student at Monash University? Then finding the perfect student accommodation in Melbourne is an essential step towards creating a comfortable home away from home. So, this blog post will guide you toward the best five student accommodations near Monash University.

Monash University

Monash University

With its unmatched legacy, many campuses, pioneering research facilities, and impressive reach and recognition, Monash University stands at the forefront of higher education. Besides, by fostering a genuine connection with its students and nurturing their ambitions, Monash University empowers them to become catalysts for positive change in the world.

A Legacy of Excellence

Monash University stands as a public research university based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It carries a distinguished legacy, named after the esteemed World War I general Sir John Monash. Founded in 1958, it proudly holds the title of the second-oldest university in the state.

A Multitude of Campuses

Monash University extends its reach through multiple campuses in Victoria and Malaysia. The university has four campuses within Victoria—Clayton, Caulfield, Peninsula, and Parkville—and ensures accessibility for students seeking diverse educational experiences. Additionally, Monash’s influence stretches beyond borders, with campuses in Malaysia and research and teaching centres in Prato, Italy; Mumbai, India; Suzhou, China; and Tangerang, Indonesia. This global network exposes students to a world of learning opportunities.

Monash University

Pioneering Research Facilities

At Monash University, innovation and research take centre stage. The institution houses significant research facilities that drive groundbreaking discoveries. Moreover, notable examples include the prestigious Monash Law School, the Australian Synchrotron, and the Monash Science Technology Research and Innovation Precinct (STRIP). Additionally, these state-of-the-art facilities, alongside the Australian Stem Cell Centre, Victorian College of Pharmacy, and numerous research centres, foster an environment of intellectual curiosity and transformative breakthroughs.

Impressive Reach and Recognition

Monash University has garnered widespread acclaim for its academic prowess and accomplishments. In 2019, the university recorded a total revenue exceeding $2.72 billion (AUD), with substantial external research income amounting to approximately $462 million. Moreover, Monash’s reputation as a leading educational institution is evident in its enrollment figures, boasting over 55,000 undergraduate and 25,000 graduate students in the same year.

Part of Prestigious Networks

Monash University holds a position of distinction within Australia’s esteemed Group of Eight research universities. Additionally, it also maintains active membership in the ASAIHL (Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning). Furthermore, Monash stands as the sole Australian representative in the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers, Universities, and National Academies. Such affiliations speak volumes about the institution’s commitment to excellence and collaboration on a global scale.

Monash University

Shaping Future Leaders

Monash University’s impact extends beyond academic success. The institution has gained recognition internationally, ranking among the prestigious École des Mines de Paris (Mines ParisTech) based on the number of its alums who have become CEOs in the 500 largest companies worldwide. This achievement underscores Monash’s ability to shape future leaders who significantly impact the business landscape.

Realm Caulfield

12 min walking distance from Monash University Caulfield Campus

Realm Caulfield

Experience the ultimate blend of style, convenience, and comfort at Realm Caulfield.

A Convenient Location

Discover the perfect place to call home at Realm Caulfield, a stylish student accommodation at 8 Caulfield Boulevard, Caulfield North VIC 3161. Situated just an 11-minute walk from Monash University Caulfield Campus, this prime location offers unparalleled convenience for students.

A Variety of Room Options

Realm Caulfield caters to different preferences with its range of room types. Choose from furnished studio apartments, unfurnished, and furnished 1-3 bedroom apartments. Whatever your needs, you’ll find a comfortable living space that suits you.

Shared Amenities for Socializing and Relaxation

Residents of Realm Caulfield have access to a host of shared amenities that enhance their living experience. Work on group projects in the conference room, stay active in the well-equipped gym, enjoy movie nights in the cinema room, unwind in the game room, or indulge in ultimate relaxation in the sauna room. These facilities provide opportunities to socialize, develop, and maximise your time at Realm Caulfield.

Proximity to Exciting Attractions

Beyond the comfort of Realm Caulfield, residents can explore the vibrant surroundings. With Caulfield Racecourse nearby, residents can experience the thrill of horse racing and other exciting events. Dining options like NeNe Chicken and Cafe Sapore and convenient shopping at Coles Caulfield Village and House of Shakespeare ensure that all culinary delights and essential needs are within easy reach.

Easy Access to Public Transportation

Realm Caulfield is designed with accessibility in mind. With tram stations and bus stops nearby, residents have effortless access to public transportation. The 61-Raynes St/Hawthorn Rd (Caulfield South) tram station is just a 1-minute walk away, while the 47-Caulfield Junior College/Balaclava Rd (Caulfield North) tram station is a mere 3-minute walk away. These transportation options connect residents to various destinations in Melbourne, making commuting a breeze.

UniLodge Park Avenue

5 min walking distance from Monash University Parkville campus

UniLodge Park Avenue

UniLodge Park Avenue offers affordable and quality student accommodation in Melbourne.

A Visionary Community at the Heart of Melbourne

Discover UniLodge Park Avenue, an authentic and trustworthy student accommodation built in 2019. This modern co-living community offers a range of well-equipped apartments and studios, providing residents with a quality living experience.

Diverse Bedroom Options and Well-Equipped Studios

UniLodge Park Avenue caters to different preferences with its diverse bedroom options and various sizes of studios. In addition, with all utilities included in the rent, including water, electricity, gas, air conditioning, and internet, residents can enjoy a hassle-free living experience without hidden costs.

Vibrant Common Areas and Essential Facilities

Residents of UniLodge Park Avenue have access to vibrant common areas that cater to their needs. Enjoy the gym, basketball court, study lounge and rooms on each level, game area, cinema, outdoor courtyard, outdoor study areas, rooftop common areas, and a central kitchen equipped with storage and a fridge for each student. Additional facilities such as 24/7 CCTV surveillance, round-the-clock staff support, high-speed internet, post and parcel service, a BBQ area, and on-site laundry facilities further enhance the convenience and comfort of living at Park Avenue.

Unparalleled Convenience for Students

UniLodge Park Avenue is strategically located at the heart of 8 Leonard Street, ensuring unparalleled student convenience. It’s just a 15-minute walk to the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus and a 3-minute stroll to the Monash University Parkville Campus. Nearby tram and bus stops provide easy access to the RMIT Brunswick campus and various parts of Melbourne. Additionally, exciting attractions like Royal Park, Melbourne Zoo, and Princes Park, as well as many dining options, are nearby.

Excellent Public Transportation Connections

Residents of UniLodge Park Avenue enjoy excellent public transportation connections. A tram stop on Royal Parade, just a 3-minute walk away, provides access to Tram Route 19 for convenient travel to the city centre and other parts of Melbourne. Numerous bus stops along Royal Parade offer various bus routes connecting to different areas of Melbourne. The nearby Royal Park Train Station on the Upfield Line is also within walking distance, providing train services to and from the city.

Iglu South Yarra Student Accommodation

20 min driving distance from Monash University Clayton Campus

Iglu South Yarra Student Accommodation

Embark on an extraordinary journey at Iglu South Yarra, where modern living meets exquisite taste.

A Modern Oasis in Melbourne

Discover Iglu South Yarra, a modern student accommodation built in 2020 that embodies the essence of contemporary living. This thoughtfully designed space offers a range of furnished en-suite apartments and studios, providing an exceptional living experience for students.

Impeccable Amenities and Thoughtful Furnishings

At Iglu South Yarra, every detail is carefully considered to ensure comfort and convenience. Each apartment and studio has high-quality furniture and electrical appliances, including desks, chairs, wardrobes, fully equipped kitchens, and high-speed wireless internet. Moreover, the accommodation provides a safe and secure environment with study spaces, lounge areas, game lounges, open terraces, on-site laundry, bike storage, social rooms, a 24/7 gym, car parking, and round-the-clock on-site support. Besides, inclusive water, electricity, heating, and Wi-Fi bills further enhance the hassle-free living experience.

An Enriching Lifestyle in South Yarra

Situated in the vibrant neighbourhood of South Yarra at 8 Claremont Street, Iglu South Yarra offers more than just easy access to amenities. It immerses you in the unique charm of Melbourne, where local bars and cafes create a captivating blend of Australian and local flavours. Indulge in the exquisite tastes of South Yarra as you explore the nearby grocery stores, cafes like the highly recommended Seven Seeds, restaurants, shopping centres such as Chapel Street and Jam Factory, and places of interest like the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, the Yarra River, and the bustling Melbourne CBD.

Excellent Connectivity and Access

Iglu South Yarra Student Accommodation residents enjoy excellent connectivity to renowned educational institutions such as RMIT University City Campus, the University of Melbourne, and Monash University. Besides, nearby tram stations like Toorak Road Tram Stop (Route 58), Chapel Street Tram Stop (Route 78), and Commercial Road Tram Stop (Route 72), as well as multiple bus stops on Toorak Road and Chapel Street, provide convenient public transportation options. These connections make exploring educational institutions, shopping centres, dining precincts, and other attractions across Melbourne easy.

UniLodge Melbourne Central

10 min driving distance from Monash University Parkville campus

UniLodge Melbourne Central

Embark on a luxurious and convenient student living experience at UniLodge Melbourne Central.

Luxurious Living at an Affordable Price

Discover UniLodge Melbourne Central, one of Melbourne’s best affordable student accommodations. With a range of thoughtfully furnished room options, state-of-the-art security features, and a vibrant community atmosphere with shared spaces, it offers students a truly exceptional living experience in Melbourne’s CBD.

Thoughtfully Furnished Room Options

At UniLodge Melbourne Central, a range of room options awaits you. Choose from two-bedroom apartments, en-suite options for six-bedroom flats, and various sizes of studios, all thoughtfully furnished with amenities such as heating, air conditioning, microwave, refrigerator, and a comfortable bed. Each space is designed to provide a cozy and comfortable environment for residents.

Enhanced Security and Community Atmosphere

Nestled within an architecturally stunning building, UniLodge Melbourne Central offers a harmonious blend of luxurious living and enhanced security. State-of-the-art features like elevator access control and round-the-clock CCTV provide peace of mind for residents. Shared spaces such as a well-equipped conference room, tranquil study room, reliable laundry room, quick-snack vending machine, serene library, fully equipped gym, and captivating cinema room foster a sense of community and encourage an active and social lifestyle. The picturesque balcony provides an outdoor retreat for residents to relax and unwind.

Proximity to Prestigious Universities and Dining Spots

UniLodge Melbourne Central positions esteemed universities such as RMIT University City Campus just a stone’s throw away, making it an ideal choice for students. Other prestigious institutions like Kent Institute Australia, Victoria University City Queen Campus, and Victoria University City King Campus are also easily accessible. In addition to abundant educational resources, residents can indulge in a delectable culinary experience at Krimper Cafe and Homm Dessert at Heart. Convenient shopping options like KT MART and Woolworths Queens Place are within proximity, ensuring that all essential needs are easily met.

Convenient Public Transportation Options

Nestled in a prime location, UniLodge Melbourne Central offers seamless access to various public transportation options. Nearby bus stops at La Trobe St/Queen St, and tram stops at Little Lonsdale St/Queen St provide convenient connectivity. The bustling Melbourne Central Train Station is just a stone’s throw away, allowing residents to effortlessly explore the vibrant city of Melbourne and its renowned destinations.

Y Suites on A’Beckett

10 min walking distance from Monash University Parkville campus

Embark on a convenient and enriching student living experience at Y Suites on A’Beckett.

A Diverse Selection of Room Types and Shared Communal Facilities

Discover Y Suites on A’Beckett, one of Melbourne’s most excellent student accommodations. With a range of diverse room types, including Twin Share rooms, Ensuite rooms, Studio rooms, and 2 Bedroom Apartments, it caters to various preferences. Enhancing community living, Y Suites on A’Beckett provides shared communal facilities such as a fully equipped kitchen, study room, secure bike storage, dining hall, laundry room, and vending machines for snacks and drinks.

Comfort and Security Services for Peace of Mind

At Y Suites on A’Beckett, residents’ comfort and security are paramount. The property offers CCTV surveillance, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, 24-hour security, a convenient delivery alert system, and package lockers for secure collection. These services ensure a safe and worry-free living experience for residents.

Fitness, Recreation, and Outdoor Features

Y Suites on A’Beckett understands the importance of maintaining an active and balanced lifestyle. The property provides excellent fitness and recreational facilities, including a well-equipped gym, dance room, yoga studio, cinema room, music studio, and game room. Additionally, outdoor features like the terrace, balconies, and courtyard allow residents to enjoy the surrounding environment and socialize with fellow residents.

Advantageous Location near Educational Institutions, Dining Options, and Shopping Destinations

Located at Wills St, Y Suites on A’Beckett enjoys a highly advantageous location close to esteemed educational institutions. Residents can easily reach Danford College, TMG College, La Trobe University City Campus, and RMIT University’s Swanston Academic Building within a short walk. In addition, the accommodation is also surrounded by various dining options, including popular establishments like ABC Chicken, Buza Chicken, Little Chef, and Patsy’s Melbourne. Besides, shopping destinations like Allanson’s Souvenirs, Queen Victoria Market, Milligram, and Emporium Melbourne are also easily accessible.

Convenient Public Transport Connectivity

Y Suites on A’Beckett benefits from excellent public transport connectivity. Tram stations like 5-Elizabeth St/La Trobe St and bus stops near A’Beckett Street provide easy access to various destinations in Melbourne. Residents heading to the city centre or educational institutions can rely on the well-connected public transport network for efficient commuting.


As you embark on your exciting journey of higher education at Monash University, selecting the perfect student accommodation is essential for a seamless and enriching experience. The top five accommodations we’ve explored near Monash University offer a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and community. These spaces are more than just a place to stay; they are your home away from home, fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where lifelong friendships are formed and lasting memories are created.

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