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Discover 5 Ideal Studio Flats in Portsmouth Student Accommodation

Check out these 5 amazing studio flats in Portsmouth that are tailor-made for students. Offering a mix of affordability, quality, and convenient locations, these studios provide the perfect living experience for students. Let’s dive in and explore these top-notch options for student accommodation in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth student studio apartment

Renting Studio Flat in Portsmouth as Your Student Accommodation: Why It’s a Good Idea

Booking a studio flat as your student accommodation in Portsmouth is a good idea for several reasons.

No Sharing in the Studio Flat

Renting a studio flat in Portsmouth means you don’t have to share your living space with others. You have complete privacy and control over your own personal haven without the compromises or coordination that come with shared accommodations.

Peaceful Environment of a Studio Flat

Living in a studio flat generally means fewer roommates or neighbors compared to shared accommodations. This can provide a quieter and more tranquil living environment, which is beneficial for students who prefer a peaceful atmosphere for studying and relaxation.

Living Space ideal for Studying

With a studio flat, you can have a dedicated study area within your living space. This creates a focused and conducive environment for your academic pursuits, allowing you to concentrate without distractions.

What are the Disadvantages of Renting a Studio Flat in Portsmouth?

However, there are some potential disadvantages of renting a studio flat in Portsmouth. These are also things you need to think about.

Living in studio flat in Portsmouth can be expensive.

Renting a studio flat can be relatively more expensive compared to shared accommodations in some cases. The cost per square footage may be higher, especially in popular or central areas of Portsmouth.

You may feel that the space to move around is limited.

One disadvantage of renting a studio flat in Portsmouth is the limited living space. Due to the compact layout, it might be challenging to fit in larger furniture or create separate areas for different activities.

Spaces in studio are not separated, causing privacy nuisance.

Studio flats often lack separation between different living areas, reducing privacy. This can be a concern when hosting guests or needing separate spaces for work and relaxation.

student accommodation in Portsmouth
Crown Place, student accommodaiton in Portsmouth

How to Find Best Student Studio Flat in Portsmouth?

Renting a student studio in Nottingham may have a few disadvantages to consider, including:

Conduct Thorough Online Research

  • Take advantage of online platforms, student accommodation websites, and portals that specialize in listing studio flats in Portsmouth.
  • These platforms provide comprehensive information, photos, and sometimes virtual tours of the properties. 
  • You can try specialized student accommodation booking platforms like uhomes.
uhomes, useful website for international students to save money on student accommodation

Read Reviews and Seek Recommendations

  • Reviews can provide insights into the quality of the accommodation, property management, and any potential issues.
  • Additionally, seek recommendations from fellow students, university housing services, or online student forums. Personal recommendations can help you discover reliable and well-regarded studio flats in Portsmouth.

Schedule In-Person Visits

  • If possible, schedule visits to the shortlisted studio flats to get a firsthand experience of the space and its surroundings.
  • Visiting in person allows you to assess the condition of the property, the layout of the studio flat, and the amenities offered.
  • It also gives you an opportunity to ask questions, address any concerns, and evaluate the overall suitability of the studio flat for your needs.

How much does a Studio Flat in Portsmouth Cost for Students?

Budget-Friendly Choices (About £200 per week)

When it comes to student accommodation, Portsmouth offers an array of budget-friendly studio flats. These studio flats typically range around £200 per week, providing students with an affordable living option. These options are ideal for those looking to manage their expenses without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Higher-End Studio Options (£250 to £300 per week)

For students seeking a more luxurious and spacious living experience, Portsmouth also offers higher-end studio flats. These studio flats, falling within the range of £250 to £300 per week, provide additional amenities, stylish interiors, and potentially larger living spaces. While slightly pricier, these options offer added comfort and an upgraded living standard.

Does the student studio in Portsmouth allow double occupancy?

Policies and charges for double occupancy in studios in Portsmouth may differ across accommodations. For accurate information, it is advisable to directly inquire with the staff to obtain specific details. Some Portsmouth student studios that allow double occupancy include Middle Street, Earlsdon Street and Crown Place Portsmouth.

Best Studio Flats in Portsmouth for Students

If you’re in search of student studio flats in Portsmouth, we’ve got you covered with these recommended options.

Studio Price Range: £210/week

  • 5 minutes’ walk to the University of Portsmouth
  • Close to Portsmouth city centre

Studio Price Range: £216/week

  • A 10-minute walk to the University of Portsmouth
  • Next to the Portsmouth and Southsea railway station

Studio Price Range: £199-207/week

Studio Price Range: £199-269/week

Studio Price Range: £196-297/week

  • 12 minutes’ walk to the University of Portsmouth
  • A 12-minute drive to Highbury College


Portsmouth has cheaper studios compared to the student accommodation of some larger cities in the UK, typically ranging around £200 per week. The higher-end studio options in Portsmouth usually fall within the range of £250 to £300 per week.

In Portsmouth, you can find cheap student accommodation options that offer studio flats for approximately £200 per week, such as St. James Street, Europa House, Stanhope House and other similar locations.

Portsmouth provides a cost-effective living option compared to cities like London. The estimated monthly expenses for a family of four in Portsmouth are around £3,356, while for a single individual, it’s approximately £1,834. With a cost of living roughly 43% cheaper than London, Portsmouth offers an attractive and affordable lifestyle for families and individuals.

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