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2024 Cardiff Student Accommodation is up for grabs!

If you’re looking for student accommodation in Cardiff in autumn 2024, we’ve got lots of popular flats lined up for booking at the year’s lowest prices. uhomes.com has sorted out the details!

⏰The following flats are now open for booking:

Cambrian Point, Adam Street Gardens, The Bakery, Ty Pont Haearn

📃 Event Details:

The booking queue for the above flats is open now. You can choose the floor and orientation of your room in advance, and the flats will be available for booking on the 1st of November, so you can grab your room quickly and instantly! Call your classmates to come along and enjoy a group booking discount!

🔥 Offer details:

For new students booking these flats, choose a room for free and grab up to £120 cashback as well as booster gifts such as bedding or a rice cooker for free;

Offer only applies to bookings made in the 24/25 academic year, i.e. from September 24 and for a minimum of 39 weeks; *not valid on semester stays.

Promotion period: Now until 31 October 2023

Cambrian Point

Maindy Road, Cardiff, Wales CF24 4HJ
From £112/week

Cambrian Point is a student flat near Cardiff University Business School within walking distance of Cardiff University. The flats offer a perfectly safe and secure living environment. Cambrian Point is also close to Cardiff train station, making it easy for students to travel to and from other cities. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the city centre.

  • Cardiff University: 17 minutes by bus
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University: 14 minutes by bus
  • the University of South Wales: 25 minutes by bus
  • Cathays Train Station: 15 minutes walk

Adam Street Gardens

Adam Street, Cardiff, Wales CF24 2FL
From £104/week

The flats are well-equipped and offer a free gym, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, bookshops and other amenities in the immediate vicinity. Convenient public transport is also available to ensure that students can travel easily. The flats are 6 floors high and offer En-suite and Studio rooms. The student flats have an excellent geographical location with three of the UK’s major convenience stores, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, all within a 7-minute walk. The city centre is a 10-minute walk to the west.

  • Cardiff University: 18 minutes walk
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University: 16 minutes by car
  • the University of South Wales: 4 minutes walk
  • Cardiff Queen Street Train Station: 5 minutes walk

The Bakery

Pendyris Street, Cardiff, Wales CF11 6YY
From £99/week

The Bakery flats are up to 6 floors high, cost-effective and within walking distance of classes! The flats are surrounded by many shops, restaurants and cafes, and En-suite and Studio rooms are available to suit your housing needs. The Cardiff University School of Communication is about a 10-minute walk from the flat, the train station is less than a 10-minute walk, and the historic Cardiff Castle and Bute Park are also close to the flat, with a mix of human and natural landscapes, making it a great place to relax at the weekend or at your leisure.

  • Cardiff University: 18 minutes by bus
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University: 23 minutes by bus
  • the University of South Wales: 16 minutes by bus
  • Cardiff Central Train Station: 6 minutes walk

Ty Pont Haearn

Pellet Street, Cardiff, Wales CF10 4FS
From £124/week

Ty Pont Haearn student accommodation is close to Cardiff’s higher education institutions. The flats are conveniently located on Pellet Street in the city centre, including Cardiff Central train station, within walking distance of Cardiff University and the city centre. The Ensuite and Studio flats offer a wide range of rooms to meet the needs of different students, with an excellent price-performance ratio and a wide range of amenities. The surrounding area has a wide range of supermarkets, restaurants, banks and shops.

  • Cardiff University: 17 minutes walk
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University: 16 minutes by car
  • the University of South Wales: 2 minutes walk
  • Cardiff Queen Street Train Station: 8 minutes walk

In addition to the 4 student flats mentioned above, numerous accommodations are available in Cardiff, all of which are perfect for student living. If you have any questions, you can visit our website, uhomes.com, which has detailed information about the properties, real pictures, and even videos of room tours. Our professional advisors will answer any questions and recommend the best rental options. Don’t hesitate to call your friends and visit our website to book now!


The cost of student accommodation in Cardiff varies greatly depending on factors such as location, type of accommodation and facilities available. On average, it is around £100 to £270 per week. However, the advantage of student accommodation is that you don’t have to pay extra Council Tax and bills (water, electricity, internet, gas) and most of the communal facilities in your flat are free!

Generally, students can book whenever there are more than rooms available. However, it is essential to note that flats are generally only available for 40 and 52-week rental periods. Most flat providers will open their booking queues for the following year at the end of October.

There is no absolute best in student accommodation. Students will decide on their final choice based on the neighbourhood, university proximity and flat facilities. In Cardiff, we recommend Park Place, Bridge Street Exchange, Howard Gardens, Severn Point and The West Wing, all of which offer a wide range of room types and excellent communal facilities and are within walking distance of the University.

If you are interested in Cardiff study life or other city’s accommodation. Please check following blogs!

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