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24Fall: Affordable Student Accommodation in Bristol

For international students planning to study in Bristol in 2024, securing comfortable and cost-effective student accommodation in Bristol is a top priority. The demand for student housing in Bristol has been rising, and 24Fall is your opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

By booking your accommodation early, you can enjoy the lowest rates, choose your preferred floor and orientation, extend your stay hassle-free, and even collaborate with friends to become roommates.

This article introduces some of the popular student accommodations Bristol for 24 Fall, offering a range of room types and attractive features

An Overview: Homes for Students in Bristol

Apartment Floor Plan Duration
En-suite(PW) Studio(PW) Others Weeks
Zed Alley From £361 51
iQ Bristol From £355 From £370 51
St Lawrence House From £335 51
Hotwells House From £229 From £240 Non En-suite 51
iQ Water Lane House From £360 51

Top 5 Budget-friendly & High-quality Options

Zed Alley: Premium Living in Bristol Heart


Special Offer: £150 Max Back!

  • Location: 35 Colston Avenue, Bristol, England BS1 4TT
  • Price Range: £445 – £539 per week
  • Room Types: Studio
  • No Service Fee, All-inclusive Rent for Bills


What’s Hot?

  1. Walking distance to the University of Bristol.
  2. Free weekday breakfast and weekly cleaning.
  3. Secure building with 24-hour concierge.
  4. Variety of studio options.
  5. Central location for shopping and leisure.
  6. communal spaces including a lounge, game area, gym, study room, laundry facilities, and bike storage.

iQ Bristol: Affordable and Convenient

Down to £321 PW

  • Location: Water Lane Apartments Temple Street, Bristol, England BS1 6WG
  • Price Range: £321 – £449 per week
  • Room Types: Ensuite and  Studio
  • Free Double Occupancy and All Bills Included


What’s Hot?

  1. Panoramic views, proximity to Bristol City Bus Station.
  2. Access to various city destinations.
  3. Neighbouring supermarkets, shops, restaurants, and bars
  4. 361 rooms in an 11-story building, Ensuite and Studio options.
  5. Freedom to choose roommates, communal spaces for studying and socializing.

St Lawrence House: Modern Studios


Down to £335 PW

  • Location: 29-31 Broad Street, Bristol, England BS1 2H
  • Price Range: £335 – £451 per week
  • Room Types: Various Studio Options
  • On-site Gym and All-inclusive rent for Bills


What’s Hot?

  1. 12-15 minutes walk to school (UBLC, UOB, etc.).
  2. Well-equipped Studio apartments.
  3. Private bathrooms and kitchens, laundry and TV in every room.
  4. 12-floor building with 912 studios.

Hotwells House: City-Center Convenience


Down to £212 PW

  • Location: 192-216 Hotwell Road, Bristol, England BS8 4UR
  • Price Range: £212 – £240 per week
  • Room Types: Shared/Non En-suite, Ensuite, and Studio
  • Parcel Collect and Bills Included.

What’s Hot?

  1. About 25 minutes’ walk/10 minutes’ bike ride to the University of Bristol.
  2. A variety of room types, including shared facilities, Ensuite, and Studio.
  3. Budget-friendly and excellent value for money for student accommodation Bristol.
  4. Support high-speed Wi-Fi and CCTV.

iQ Water Lane House: Budget Saver


Down to £249 PW

  • Location: Water Lane Apartments Temple Street, Bristol, England BS1 6WG
  • Price Range: £249 – £490 per week
  • Room Types: Studio
  • Parcel Collect, On-site Gym and Bills Covered.


What’s Hot?

  1. A hub of convenience: Tesco Express, Sainsbury’s Local, Costa Coffee, etc.
  2. Supply spacious studios with comfort guarantee.
  3. Communal areas include cinema rooms, gyms, study room and bike storage.

For More Housing Options
To discover more available Studios, En-suites and Non En-suites as student accomodation in Bristol, visit https://en.uhomes.com/.

Book Student Accommodation Bristol Early

Securing your accommodation early helps you get the best deals and eliminates the stress of last-minute arrangements.

Whether you’re planning to study in Bristol or any other city, booking your accommodation well in advance is advisable.

This will save you money and ensure you have a comfortable and convenient place to stay during your studies.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your student experience by making a wise and timely decision regarding your housing for 24Fall!


1. How easy is it to find student accommodation in Bristol?

Finding student accommodation in Bristol can be moderately challenging due to the high demands for the 24 fall semester.

Hence, early planning and booking are advisable, especially for international students.

2. How much is student rent in Bristol?

Student rent in Bristol varies depending on the accommodation type and location, with prices ranging from around £100 to £300 per week.

3. Where do most Bristol uni students live?

Most Bristol Uni students live near the university within a short walking distance. Pop choices include Zed Alley, St Lawrence House and more,

4. What is the best accom at Bristol uni?

The best accommodation at Bristol Uni depends on individual preferences. Here are cherry picks for overseas students: Hotwells House, iQ Water Lane House, etc.

5. Is Bristol expensive to live for students?

Bristol can be a relatively great choice for students, with living costs including rent, food, and leisure activities. The yearly cost reaches £12,000 or so.

So, budgeting is essential for managing expenses.

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