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10 UK Universities with Best Student Halls of Residence

Explore the ultimate comfort and convenience of student living in the UK! In this blog, we unveil the top 10 UK universities with best student halls of residence, offering a blend of modern amenities, vibrant communities, and unbeatable locations for an unforgettable student experience.

Top1: Edge Hill university

Established in 1885, Edge Hill University is a nationally renowned comprehensive institution situated in West Lancashire, UK, adjacent to Liverpool. Despite its relatively small international student population, the university stands out as one of the top universities with best student halls of residence in the UK. With a commitment to modernizing campus living, Zhishan has made significant investments in its accommodation facilities in recent years, ensuring a vibrant and supportive community for its students.

Where is Edge Hilll University?

Edge Hill University is situated in Ormskirk, a town located in the North West of England.

Popular Courses at Edge Hill University

Sport and Physical Activity, Nursing, Health Studies, Midwifery and Medicine

Edge Hill University Accommodation Options

At Edge Hill University, students have a diverse selection of accommodation options, ranging from Chancellors Court and Chancellors South to Founders East and Founders West, along with Palatine Court, Graduates Court, Woodland Court, Main Halls, and Forest Court. Affordable student rooms are available for as little as £80 per week, while most halls fall within the £130-140 per week range. Excitingly, the university is expanding its accommodation offerings with the introduction of new halls in 2024, adding 248 additional student rooms to meet growing demand.

Edge Hill University Accommodation Application

At Edge Hill University, securing on-campus accommodation is straightforward for first-year, full-time UK undergraduate students. By designating Edge Hill as your firm choice and submitting your application before the deadline, you secure yourself a room. To apply for Edge Hill University accommodations, you need to follow four steps: accepting Edge Hill as your firm choice, receiving an invitation to apply via email, self-assigning a room in the accommodation portal, paying the Advanced Rent Fee of £150, and signing your license agreement. Afterward, payment of hall fees can be completed in August.

Top2: Aberystwyth University

Established in 1872, Aberystwyth University was the the first University College in Wales. Located in Aberystwyth, students enjoy access to the National Library of Wales. Accommodation features single rooms with kitchen and bathroom facilities, with international students eligible for accommodation fee reductions.

Where is Aberystwyth University?

Aberystwyth University is situated in Aberystwyth, a small student town nestled on the west coast of Wales.

Popular Courses at Aberystwyth University

Politics, Accounting and Finance, Computer Science

Aberystwyth University Accommodation Options

Aberystwyth University offers about 3,500 bedrooms in its owned or managed residences. At Aberystwyth University, students have a range of accommodation options available, including Cwrt Mawr, Fferm Penglais, Fferm Penglais Studio, Pantycelyn, Pentre Jane Morgan, Rosser, Rosser G, and Trefloyne. These residences are situated on or near the Aberystwyth University Penglais Campus. Most of the student halls at Aberystwyth University are self-catered, offering a variety of room types including non en-suite, en-suite, and studio accommodations.

Aberystwyth University Accommodation Application

To apply for accommodation at Aberystwyth University, visit the Accommodation Portal accessible through the New Students or Current Students webpages. New undergraduates register with their personal email and birth date, while postgraduates register after receiving an offer. Current students use their university IT account, and study abroad students apply upon acceptance. Select the academic year and desired hall with your preferred length of stay. Customize your room choice and flat preference, whether same or mixed gender. Upon receiving an Unconditional Firm offer, finalize your application. Confirm details and set up payment schedules with a valid card. View or cancel bookings before moving in for a refund.

Top3: Loughborough University

Established in 1909, Loughborough University is a renowned public research institution with campuses in Loughborough and London. The halls of residence, spread across the main campus, offer a range of accommodation options including single rooms and flats catering to diverse student needs. Comfortable and inclusive, these residences offer both self-catering and all-inclusive packages.

Where is Loughborough University?

Loughborough University is situated in the town of Loughborough, centrally located in the East Midlands, between Leicester and Nottingham, with quick train connections to London.

Popular Courses at Loughborough University

Sports Science, Financial Management, Economics, Computer Science

Loughborough University Accommodation Options

Loughborough University offers a diverse selection of accommodation options to suit students’ preferences and needs. From tight-knit communities like Butler Court and vibrant halls like Falkner Eggington to modern living spaces such as Claudia Parsons and David Collett, students have a range of choices. Whether you prefer catered meals at Cayley and Faraday or self-catered options like Hazlerigg-Rutland and Telford, there’s something for everyone. With halls conveniently located near campus facilities and offering various amenities, Loughborough ensures a comfortable and supportive environment for all students.

Loughborough University Accommodation Application

To apply for accommodation at Loughborough University, you can register and reserve your room online during the designated early reservation period, which typically begins in early June. For instance, for the fall intake in 2024, the reservation period runs from 10 am on June 6th until 5 am on July 14th. During this time, you’ll need to register on the accommodation system and have a list of room preferences ready, considering various room types and amenities. Once you’ve selected a room, you’ll have 15 minutes to complete the reservation process. It’s essential to review your confirmation email afterward. If your preferred room isn’t available, you’ll need to choose from the options provided, as the reservation system updates in real-time. Loughborough University strongly advises reserving your room early to secure your preferred accommodation.

Top4: Newcastle University

Newcastle University, situated in the vibrant north-east of England, is a renowned research institution and proud member of both the prestigious Russell Group of Universities and the N8 university consortium. Newcastle University is one of the universities with best student halls in the UK. Its halls of residence, conveniently located on or near campus, offer students a welcoming and supportive environment. Complete with essential facilities like kitchens, communal bathrooms, self-service laundry, bicycle storage, and free parking, these halls ensure students enjoy convenient and comfortable living. With clean, spacious, and well-equipped dormitories providing ample storage space, Newcastle University strives to create a home away from home for its students.

Where is Newcastle University?

Newcastle University has campuses in Newcastle upon Tyne and two in Asia, with its main campus located in the lively city of Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England.

Popular Courses at Newcastle University

Architecture, Accounting and Finance, Art and Design, Law, Media, Engineering, Food Science, Psychology

Newcastle University Accommodation Options

Newcastle University provides diverse accommodation options to suit various needs. Bowsden Court offers family-friendly living from £112.00 per week, while Byron Central provides a community feel for undergraduates starting at £159.00 per week. Postgraduates can opt for Carlton Lodge (£199.50/week) near the libraries or Grand Hotel (£175.00/week) in the city centre. Jesmond Road offers affordable living for undergraduates (£98.00/week). These options ensure students enjoy comfortable living close to campus and city amenities.

Newcastle University Accommodation Application

Before applying for accommodation at Newcastle University, research options using filtering tools to match preferences. Consider factors like location, facilities, and cost, ensuring accommodation fits within the budget and meets individual needs. Newcastle University offers a new student guarantee, ensuring eligible students are allocated a room. Be aware of eligibility criteria and application deadlines, and familiarize yourself with different application routes based on course type, duration of stay, and other factors. Hold a firm offer from Newcastle University before applying, but timing doesn’t impact allocation.

Top5: University of Surrey

Established in 1891, the University of Surrey is a distinguished public research university in the UK. Their accommodation offerings are top-notch, ensuring students enjoy safe, comfortable, and convenient living arrangements. With over 6,000 rooms across various types, including suites, studio flats, and shared or single rooms, the university caters to diverse preferences. Each residence features 24-hour security, private bathrooms and kitchens, along with communal areas for socializing and studying. Moreover, students benefit from free broadband internet access, facilitating seamless online learning experiences.

Where is University of Surrey?

The University of Surrey is situated in Guildford, located in the southeastern region of England.

Popular Courses at University of Surrey

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Hospitality and Tourism Management

University of Surrey Accommodation Options

At the University of Surrey, students have a wide range of accommodation options to choose from, catering to various budgets and preferences. These options include Budget Single, Share, Single, En-suite, Premium En-suite, Family Accommodation, and Studio Flats. Most of these housing choices are situated in Manor Park, Stag Hill, and Hazel Farm, offering students convenient access to campus facilities and amenities.

University of Surrey Accommodation Application

New postgraduate students starting in September 2024 at the University of Surrey, including those progressing from undergraduate programs, are assured accommodation if certain conditions are met by August 1, 2024. These conditions include applying for accommodation, meeting the requirements of the academic offer, and submitting the academic fee deposit. Before applying, students must firmly accept their academic offer. Accommodation applications open on February 6, 2024, and close on August 1, 2024. Applicants can expect to receive the outcome of their application in mid to late August 2024 via email. Successful applicants will have seven days to accept or reject the offer and secure their room with an advance rent payment of £250.

New undergraduate students who have selected the University of Surrey as their firm choice are also assured accommodation if they apply by July 25, 2024, and meet their academic offer by August 22, 2024. Similarly, students who have chosen Surrey as their insurance choice are guaranteed accommodation if they apply by August 17, 2024, and meet their academic offer by August 22, 2024.

Top6: University of Sheffield

Established in 1828, the University of Sheffield is a renowned British research institution, consistently ranked among the top 100 globally and a proud member of the Russell Group.

With 33 halls of residence spread across the city, Sheffield accommodates its vibrant student community with diverse room options similar to Loughborough University. Rental fees cover utilities, cleaning, insurance, and Wi-Fi, ensuring convenience and affordability.

The on-campus accommodations in City and Ranmoor/Endcliffe areas offer distinct advantages. While City provides easy access to academic facilities, Ranmoor/Endcliffe offers a serene setting amidst nature, complete with essential amenities like laundry, dining, and leisure spaces.

Top7: University of Exeter

Located in the scenic southwest of England, the University of Exeter has roots dating back to the mid-19th century and is esteemed as a member of the Russell Group. Hosting over 19,000 full-time students, including a diverse international cohort from 130 countries, it epitomizes a globally inclusive educational institution. While some students may perceive accommodation costs as high, the university’s halls provide modern amenities, responsive staff, and attractive architecture. Postgraduates enjoy flexible leasing, inclusive rent covering utilities, and access to communal spaces and study facilities.

Top8: University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is one of the UK Universities with best student halls of residence. It boasts over 4,400 student rooms situated across the Greenbank Student Village and on campus. Postgraduate students have a diverse selection of accommodation options, including single rooms and self-contained studio flats, available in various locations.

While each hall of residence differs in location and interior design, they are uniformly well-managed and serviced, offering excellent amenities such as quality furnishings, scenic surroundings, effective soundproofing, and conducive environments for both study and leisure activities.

Top9: University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge consists of 31 constituent colleges, 6 academic colleges, over 150 academic departments and other affiliated institutions. The University of Cambridge not only has an excellent academic reputation, but also has a very favourable hostel environment. There are two types of dormitories in Cambridge University: Catered and Self-catered, which provide breakfast and dinner, and Self-catered, which are generally divided into three types: Studio, En-suite and Standard.

Basically, all student rooms are equipped with basic furniture such as beds, tables and chairs, table lamps, wall lamps and cabinets. Refrigerators are located in the communal kitchen on each floor and are shared by students on the same floor. Each college has its own activity room, which will have a TV and DVD, and the dormitories are equipped with broadband.

Top10: University of Reading

The University of Reading, founded in 1892, is situated in the heart of Reading, Berkshire’s capital city in southern England. Renowned as a premier research institution in the UK, it offers a range of excellent student accommodations within a mile of the campus, conveniently surrounded by shops, banks, and other essential amenities. Accessible public transport links connect the university to the city center. Accommodation options include flats with separate bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms, as well as traditional student rooms with communal bathrooms. With diverse options catering to various budgets and preferences, students can select the accommodation that best suits their needs.

Tips for Finding Best Student Halls of Residence in UK

  • Start Early: Begin your search for student halls well in advance to secure the best options. Early applications often offer more choices and better chances of getting preferred accommodations.
  • Research: Explore various universities and their accommodation options. Consider factors like location, facilities, room types, and costs. University websites and student forums can provide valuable insights and reviews.
  • Budget: Determine your budget and look for accommodations that fit within it. Remember to consider additional costs like utilities, meal plans, and internet fees.
  • Location: Think about the proximity of the halls to your campus, as well as amenities like supermarkets, transport links, and entertainment options. A convenient location can save time and make your student life more comfortable.
  • Facilities: Look for halls with essential facilities such as laundry rooms, common areas, study rooms, and security measures. Consider additional amenities like gyms, communal kitchens, and social spaces that enhance your living experience.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Seek feedback from current or former residents to get firsthand insights into the quality of accommodation and management. Online reviews, social media groups, and university forums can be valuable resources.

Can I Find Private Student Accommodation in the UK?

Yes, students can find private student accommodation in the UK. Many universities offer on-campus residences, but private accommodation options are also widely available. Websites like uhomes provide a platform for students to explore various private accommodation options near universities across the UK. These options include private halls, shared flats, studio apartments, and more. Private accommodation offers flexibility in terms of location, amenities, and price range, allowing students to find housing that best fits their preferences and budget.

uhomes, useful website for international students to save money on student accommodation

UK Universities with Best Student Halls of Residence FAQ

Most universities provide an online application process through their accommodation portal. You’ll typically need to log in using your student credentials and fill out an application form, indicating your preferences for room type, location, and any special requirements.

Application deadlines vary between universities, but it’s generally recommended to apply for accommodation as soon as possible after receiving your offer of admission. Some universities open their accommodation applications several months in advance, so check your university’s website for specific dates.

Universities offer a range of accommodation options, including single rooms, shared rooms, en-suite facilities, studio apartments, and flats. Each type of accommodation may vary in terms of amenities, cost, and location.

Accommodation fees typically cover rent, utilities (such as electricity, water, and heating), internet access, and basic contents insurance. Some halls of residence may also include additional amenities like cleaning services, gym access, or social activities.

Some universities guarantee accommodation for first-year undergraduate students who meet specific criteria, such as accepting their offer of admission by a certain deadline. However, availability may vary depending on demand, so it’s essential to apply early.

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