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Experience in Finding Student Accommodation in Nottingham

There are generally three types of student accommodation in Nottingham: school halls of residence, off-campus flats, and houses. For example, the official website of the University of Nottingham recommends three types of accommodation: university-owned halls, third-party self-catered sites, and university houses. In addition to these recommended options, Nottingham has other self-catered student accommodation available.



  • Cheap and quiet
  • Need an agent (someone to group with)
  • Some do not include utilities
  • Scattered locations

Off-campus Flats

  • Moderately priced
  • Cleaning of common areas included (partly )
  • Activities organised in the flats
  • Chances of direct renting without an agent
  • Not always possible to choose a roommate

School Halls of Residence

  • Convenient to attend classes on campus
  • More opportunities to interact with foreign students
  • Meals included (but no food during holidays).
  • Expensive
  • Loud noise
  • Far from the market
student accommodation in Nottingham


Living in a big house with people you get along with is excellent. And many houses are in residential areas, far away from all kinds of transport facilities. So it’s quiet and suitable for slow living. Tenants all have their own rooms. Some houses need to share bathrooms. And if the roommates are willing to cook and eat together, it will be like a big family.

The first rule is always to see the house on site! Some houses are listed online as just fitted out hundreds of years ago. But in reality, they look like ruins. If you can’t go there yourself, you can ask a friend there to make a video call to look at the house on your behalf. Remember to check the furniture, electrical appliances, and surrounding environment.


Bills mainly include gas and electricity, and some also include water and internet (depending on the landlord). In winter, the bill will skyrocket if you turn on the heating. Some house rents cover bills, but others don’t. The bill is shared equally among all the tenants. It’s hard to calculate a fair share for each person. If you can’t afford to lose money, choose your house carefully. Energy bills in the UK are skyrocketing (they have doubled in 22 years). I don’t know how much they will rise in the future.


Nottingham is a more simple environment. I’ve heard of basically no cases of break-ins, but don’t rule out this security risk. Houses have no security or property. Detached houses have only a very short yard gate separating the main road or even nothing. One needs to know the security situation of the road in advance.

student accommodation in Nottingham


In this kind of housing, the landlord entrusts the agent to rent. It is inevitable to get involved with the agent. Luckily, you can take over the last student directly to change hands.

British agents do not charge for their services. I’ve met some really bad agents, but others have managed to rent from another on-campus agent. So it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Plenty of listings on Uhomes give you the flexibility to filter information on location, type of property, etc., to help you find a satisfactory place to live in Nottingham.

Renting a property involves a lot of looking and comparing. Remember to be polite and introduce yourself when emailing UK agents to enquire/book a viewing.

Off-campus Flats

Have your own little space, but still be able to chat with your friends in the communal areas. If you want to avoid finding a flat or a bill and live in a convenient place with someone to clean the communal areas regularly, a flat is the best choice. The rooms are also randomly assigned. If the downstairs neighbours love to party and make big noises, you can report them to the flat. But…good luck!

Flat Services

A specialised third party usually runs flats, and the price includes energy bills, internet, and cleaning of common areas. The property owners also service the flats, and student activities are organised occasionally. You need to swipe your card to enter the flat, and it seems safer to have a security guard. The location is generally convenient for schooling and shopping, and not too far away from transport facilities.

Cancellation Questions

Some flats are paid for directly through the NottingHub. If you suddenly cancel an exchange, but the listing cannot be cancelled or sublet, the rent will appear in the school’s Hub system until you pay it off. And there is no practice on whether or not non-payment will affect graduation (which may involve communication with the school and the flat).

Off-Campus Student Accommodation in Nottingham

School Halls of Residence

You can quickly integrate into the local student life, interact with more foreigners, and get the most out of living in a dormitory. In addition, the number one choice for lazy people who don’t like to cook, don’t want to clean, and don’t want to get up early is school halls of residence.

Dormitory Service

School halls of residence usually include meals (note that only 17 meals a week are included, and there are no meals on holidays). Several people share bathrooms. The dormitory is expensive. But it’s right on campus, and the price includes gym membership, room cleaning, and dorm activities. It’s an option for those who don’t want to cook, provided they can eat British food.

Be Wary of Partying

Students gather means daily parties. Some dormitories have the option of quieter rooms (quieter living flats). But in general, it depends on fate. The advantage is to be able to make a lot of foreign friends for a wide range of cultural exchanges.

When choosing a hall, pay attention to whether it is catered or self-catered, an en-suite or shared bathroom. And pay attention to which campus it is on and its location.

Other Factors

  • Gym: Both gyms have more equipment and are near the school bus stop. However, the former is bigger and has more space and facilities. Also, there will be small, self-owned gyms around the residences. They are more affordable.
  • Purchasing: Cooks usually shop once a week. Popular supermarkets: Tesco, Sainsbury, Aldi, Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose.
  • Transport: Nottingham’s public transport network consists of buses and trams. The school bus 903 circulates in one direction between the two campuses.
  • Shopping: The Victoria Centre is the only large complex in the city centre, so if you like to shop for clothes, you should be prepared…

Also, don’t be in a hurry to rent. You will always find a suitable place. UK contract cancellations are hard. Once you have a change of plans, you’ll have to sublet the house at a low price (conversely, a sedate one may receive a low sublet price)!

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