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Discover the Best 5 Student Accommodations near the University of Melbourne: A Guide for Future Scholars

Welcome to our blog, where we discover the top student accommodation in Melbourne near the University of Melbourne.

Our purpose is clear: Recommend the Top 5 student housing near the University of Melbourne to readers and compare those student accommodations.  So, let’s go!

About the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne, situated in Melbourne, Australia, is a prestigious public research institution with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1853. It holds the distinction of being Australia’s second-oldest university and the oldest in the state of Victoria. Its primary campus is Parkville, an inner suburb just north of Melbourne’s central business district, and boasts several other campuses spread throughout Victoria.

Incorporated during the 19th century under the auspices of the Victorian colony, the University of Melbourne is one of Australia’s esteemed sandstone universities. It is a prominent member of various international academic alliances, including the Group of Eight, Universitas 21, Washington University’s McDonnell International Scholars Academy, and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. Notably, since 1872, the university has forged affiliations with several residential colleges, playing a pivotal role in providing accommodations for students and faculty members and facilitating diverse academic, sporting, and cultural programs. These residential colleges, numbering ten, are strategically located on the main campus and in adjacent suburbs.

Comprising ten distinct academic units, the University of Melbourne boasts extensive associations with numerous esteemed institutes and research centres. Some noteworthy examples include the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, and the Grattan Institute. Additionally, the university houses fifteen distinguished graduate schools, such as the Melbourne Business School, the Melbourne Law School, the Melbourne Veterinary School, and the Melbourne Medical School.

Remarkably, the University of Melbourne has been a place of education for four Australian prime ministers and five governors-general. Furthermore, it is uniquely distinguished in Australia, with eight Nobel Laureates having either taught, studied, or conducted groundbreaking research within its hallowed halls—the highest number among all Australian universities.

No.1    UniLodge Melbourne City

9-minute walk to the University of Melbourne

The UniLodge Melbourne City is a 50+ storey purpose-built tower located conveniently at 480 Elizabeth Street. UniLodge Melbourne City is highly acclaimed by students due to its exceptional amenities, prime location, and dedicated staff. With over 500 students choosing to reside here annually, it’s the epitome of luxurious living experiences that every student deserves.

Features & Living Experience

UniLodge Melbourne City stands out among other options in Melbourne with its extensive selection of suite rooms and studio apartments. The spacious and well-appointed living spaces cater to various preferences, offering flexibility for students seeking the perfect accommodation. On top of that, convenient amenities such as laundry services, social slots, vending machines, and 24-hour security are provided. With a range of social areas, including a games room, TV lounge, and roof terraces, residents can connect and foster a vibrant community. The fully-equipped gym on-site ensures residents can stay fit without leaving the premises, and the dedicated staff is always available to assist with any needs or concerns.

Location and What’s Hot?

Experience the unbeatable location of UniLodge Melbourne City, nestled in the heart of Melbourne CBD. With RMIT University and Victoria University City Campus, it is just a stone’s throw away. In addition, indulge in the city’s iconic landmarks- the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne Skydeck, Melbourne Zoo, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, National Gallery of Victoria, and ArtVo within an 8-minute drive. And for everyday essentials, Tesco Express is conveniently located nearby.

Student Travel Melbourne

With excellent access to public transport, UniLodge Melbourne City is well-connected to all corners of Melbourne. Value St. bus station is just a 5-minute walk, while St. Chads Light Rail Station is within a 10-minute walk. Grand Central and Bull Ring, where you can find all your shopping needs, are within a 15-minute walk.

No.2    Dwell Village Melbourne City

12-minute walk to the University of Melbourne

Dwell Village Melbourne City is an excellent student housing in Melbourne. This property offers a diverse array of modern, spacious, and comfortable rooms and fantastic amenities, ensuring a perfect fit for every resident while organizing regular events to foster connections between residents. Moreover, the flats’ convenient location near RMIT University and the University of Melbourne allows easy access to campus via the tram right outside, making commuting to and from classes effortless.

Features & Living Experience

Dwell Village Melbourne City presents an array of elegant living spaces, ranging from spacious 2-5 bedroom apartments to a selection of beautifully designed studios. The environmental facilities offered encompass a refreshing swimming pool, a harmonious music room, a well-equipped meeting room, a tranquil study area, and a modern laundry room. Besides, residents can indulge in a fully equipped gym, enjoy movie nights at the cinema, and rest easy knowing that the 24-hour surveillance system and multiple access control measures keep outsiders at bay, allowing them to focus on their daily lives without concerns.

Location and What’s Hot?

Dwell Village Melbourne City, located near Melbourne CBD, offers residents the advantage of convenient proximity to various amenities. Students will appreciate the short commutes, with an 8-minute ride to the esteemed Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and a 6-minute journey to the prestigious University of Melbourne. This makes Dwell Village an ideal choice for those pursuing education. Furthermore, residents can indulge in a delightful culinary experience at Sargon Food & Coffee, relish delicious pizzas from Domino’s Pizza, and Eat Pizza nearby. 

Student Travel Melbourne

Dwell Village Melbourne City is conveniently located near various public transportation options, making it easy for residents to navigate the city. The Flagstaff Train Station, located 1.23 km away, provides a convenient mode of transport. Additionally, bus routes such as 200, 207, 402, 505, 546, and 605 are accessible from the vicinity of Dwell Village Melbourne City. 

No.3    UniLodge Melbourne CBD

8-minute drive to the University of Melbourne

The UniLodge Melbourne CBD is a trendy and quality student accommodation in Melbourne. With its prime location, comfortable amenities, and proximity to educational institutions and city attractions, UniLodge Melbourne CBD offers an ideal accommodation option for students seeking a vibrant and enriching student living experience in Melbourne.

Features & Living Experience

Unilodge Melbourne CBD is committed to creating a living environment that seamlessly blends comfort, functionality, and style. The property offers various room types, from standard studios to 2-4 bedroom apartments. Additionally, this property offers a range of amenities, like laundry services, social spaces, including a games room, a TV lounge, and roof terraces, which are perfect for socializing and connecting with fellow residents, vending machines for late-night cravings, and 24-hour security for your peace of mind, and a fully-equipped gym on-site, ensuring residents can maintain a healthy lifestyle without leaving the premises.

Location and What’s Hot?

UniLodge Melbourne CBD is nestled in the vibrant heart of Melbourne, providing easy access to prestigious educational institutions. With Danford College and Edith Cowan University just a pleasant 5-6 minute stroll away, students have the convenience of proximity to their studies. RMIT University and Victoria University City Campus are within comfortable walking distance, ensuring a seamless academic experience. UniLodge Melbourne CBD provides convenient access to popular destinations such as McDonald’s, FoodCourt, Queen Victoria Market, RMIT A’Beckett Urban Square, ALDI, Loch & Key, and ChangGo Korean BBQ. 

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Public transport options around UniLodge Melbourne CBD are easily accessible. Bus stops such as William St/A’Beckett St and A’Beckett St/Queen St are just a 2-minute stroll away, making it convenient for students to navigate the city and reach their desired destinations.

No.4    UniLodge Melbourne Central

10-minute ride to the University of Melbourne

UniLodge Melbourne Central is one of the best affordable student accommodations in Melbourne, which offers a range of thoughtfully furnished room options, state-of-the-art security features, and a vibrant community atmosphere with shared spaces. Its prime location near prestigious universities like RMIT University City Campus, popular dining spots, and convenient public transportation makes it ideal for students seeking a luxurious living experience in Melbourne’s CBD.

Features & Living Experience

At UniLodge Melbourne Central, a range of room options awaits you, including two-bedroom apartments, En-suite options for six-bedroom flats, and various sizes of studios, all thoughtfully furnished with amenities such as heating, air conditioning, microwave, refrigerator, and a cosy bed. Besides, nestled within an architecturally stunning building, UniLodge Melbourne Central offers a harmonious blend of luxurious living and enhanced security, boasting state-of-the-art features like elevator access control and round-the-clock CCTV, while fostering a sense of community through shared spaces, including a well-equipped conference room, tranquil study room, a reliable laundry room, a quick-snack vending machine, and a serene library, encouraging an active lifestyle with access to a fully equipped gym and a captivating cinema room, all complemented by outdoor bliss on the picturesque balcony.

Location and What’s Hot?

UniLodge Melbourne Central offers an idyllic haven for students seeking the epitome of student accommodation, as it positions the esteemed RMIT University City Campus just a stone’s throw away, a mere 2-minute stroll, while also providing seamless accessibility to prestigious institutions such as Kent Institute Australia, Victoria University City Queen Campus, and Victoria University City King Campus, all effortlessly within reach, ensuring that students can seamlessly immerse themselves in their academic pursuits without compromising on convenience or proximity. In addition to the abundance of educational resources, residents can luxuriate in a delectable culinary experience at the esteemed Krimper Cafe and Homm Dessert at Heart while also immersing themselves in a seamless shopping escapade at the enchanting KT MART and Woolworths Queens Place, all within proximity.

Student Travel Melbourne

Nestled in a prime location brimming with convenience, UniLodge Melbourne Central effortlessly beckons residents with its proximity to an array of public transportation options, including the nearby La Trobe St/Queen St Bus stops and Little Lonsdale St/Queen St Tram stop, all while being just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Melbourne Central Train station. This charming abode offers a seamless and enchanting gateway to the vibrant city of Melbourne, allowing residents to explore its renowned destinations with ease and grace.

No.5    Y Suites on A’Beckett

10-minute drive to the University of Melbourne

Y Suites on A’Beckett is one of the most excellent student accommodation in Melbourne. It offers diverse room types, shared communal facilities, and various services for residents’ comfort and security. Its advantageous location near educational institutions, dining options, shopping destinations, and attractions, coupled with excellent public transport connectivity, makes it an ideal choice for students and individuals looking for a convenient and enriching living experience in Melbourne.

Features & Living Experience

Y Suites on A’Beckett in Melbourne offers a diverse selection of room types that cater to various preferences. Among the options available are Twin Share rooms, Ensuite rooms, and Studio rooms. T For fitness and recreation, Y Suites on A’Beckett provides excellent facilities. These include a well-equipped gym for staying active, a dance room for those who love to move, a yoga studio for relaxation and mindfulness, a cinema room for movie nights, a music studio for creative expression, and a game room for entertainment. Outdoor features are also available to enjoy the surrounding environment. The property offers a terrace for outdoor gatherings, balconies for enjoying fresh air, and a courtyard for relaxation and socializing.

Location and What’s Hot?

Y Suites on A’Beckett is situated at Wills St, Melbourne, 3000, Australia, with a highly advantageous location close to numerous esteemed educational institutions in Melbourne. Within a 5-minute walk, residents can easily reach Danford College and TMG College, while La Trobe University City Campus is conveniently situated approximately 10 minutes away on foot. Moreover, RMIT University’s Swanston Academic Building is just a short distance from the property, making it an ideal accommodation choice for students pursuing their academic endeavours. In addition, residents of Y Suites on A’Beckett can also savour a delectable culinary experience. Various restaurants are nearby, including popular establishments like ABC Chicken, Buza Chicken, Little Chef, and Patsy’s Melbourne. Whether you’re craving mouth-watering fried chicken or exploring local gastronomic delights, these dining options are conveniently situated right next to the accommodation. Y Suites on A’Beckett also offers residents easy access to shopping destinations, including Allanson’s Souvenirs, the iconic Queen Victoria Market, Milligram, and the Emporium Melbourne Shopping Mall. In addition, the surrounding area boasts an array of attractions, such as the State Library of Victoria, the serene Flagstaff Gardens, the vibrant Federation Square, and the captivating Melbourne Museum, providing ample opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

Student Travel Melbourne

Y Suites on A’Beckett benefits from excellent public transport connectivity in Melbourne. Several tram stations and bus stops are conveniently located near the accommodation, making it easy for residents to navigate the city. The 5-Elizabeth St/La Trobe St tram station is just a 3-minute walk away, providing quick access to various destinations. Additionally, numerous bus routes pass near A’Beckett Street, further enhancing the accessibility of public transportation options. Whether travelling to the city centre or educational institutions, residents can rely on the well-connected public transport network to commute efficiently.


As the sun sets over the vibrant city of Melbourne, and you’ve soaked up all the valuable information about the top 5 student accommodations near the University of Melbourne, it’s time to embark on your unique journey.

The excitement of starting your academic adventure at this prestigious institution awaits you. Whether you choose the bustling atmosphere of a collegiate community or the tranquillity of a private apartment, Melbourne will embrace you with its eclectic culture, stunning landscapes, and endless opportunities for personal growth.

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