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Bookings Open! Secure Your Student Accommodation in Nottingham at the Lowest Price

The new academic year is fast approaching, so for those of you who will be coming to the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University and other schools, have you found suitable student accommodation yet? If you haven’t yet, here’s your chance – booking for student accommodation in Nottingham for the 24-25 academic year opens on 1 November.

When bookings first open, prices for student accommodation are often the lowest of the year. If you miss out, booking a cosy flat at a super low price will be hard.

The properties available for booking are a wide range of ensuite rooms and studios, so come along and take a look at some of the high-quality student accommodations on offer.

What Student Accommodation in Nottingham will be Open for Booking?

This batch of open-booking Nottingham student accommodation is centred around the school. Living in these locations is not only convenient for school but also for life. Based on experience, these student accommodations have been a popular choice among the international student community. The young community atmosphere makes your university life richer and more energetic. You can also make some good friends and memories here.

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Morriss House, Nottingham

5-minute walk to Jubilee Campus

Free shuttle bus to University Park campus

student studio in Nottingham

Price: From £190/week

This student accommodation has the advantage of being very close to the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus. It is also easy to get to the University Park campus by shuttle bus.

It is relatively large, with 700 beds. There are both En-Suite and Studio rooms, and there is plenty of communal space as well as a large gym, games room and study rooms.

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Riverside Point, Nottingham

6-minute walk to Jubilee Campus

Excellent access to the city centre

student accommodation in Nottingham

Price: From £137.6/week

Riverside Point is an absolute bargain for student accommodation in Nottingham. It is just steps away from the Jubilee campus. There are both En-Suite and Studio rooms. All the rooms are fully furnished and have extra large shared kitchens.

The communal lounge has facilities for activities such as table tennis, foosball and pool tables, as well as a study area.

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St Peters Court, Nottingham

5-minute walk to Jubilee Campus

Free buses to the city centre

student accommodation in Nottingham

Price: From £161/week

Students looking for value for money should definitely check out St Peters Court. This student accommodation offers mainly En-Suite room types. It also offers spacious communal areas with study rooms, table tennis rooms and a free gym.

Many supermarkets near the property make it very convenient for daily shopping. A free bus service can take you to all campuses and city centre attractions.

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Curzon House One & Curzon House Two, Nottingham

Located in the city centre

Walking distance to Nottingham Trent University

student accommodation in Nottingham

Price: From £155/week

Curzon House is located in the city centre, within walking distance of Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham College. It’s easy to find quality restaurants in the neighbourhood, as well as a variety of large shopping centres.

Curzon House offers various types and styles of En-Suite rooms to choose from. It also provides bike storage and study rooms.

Why Book Your Student Accommodation in Nottingham Early?

1. The earlier, the cheaper

Booking or renewing your student accommodation early is a great way to save money. Student accommodation is usually always at its lowest rate when it first opens for booking. As autumn leaves begin to fall, properties get snapped up quickly, and prices inevitably rise. It may be too late to catch up at that point.

2. More choices

Student accommodation is always in need of supply in a city like Nottingham, with many schools and students. The only way to have more choice of rooms is to book early. If you wait until the end of the day to look for a room, there will be much less space to pick from. And it will also be a torture to the mind.


In conclusion, booking your student accommodation early in Nottingham is not only a matter of cost-effectiveness; it’s also a strategic step towards ensuring your peace of mind as you embark on your academic journey. With early booking, not only do you secure a comfortable abode at an affordable rate, but you also gain the luxury of choice. You can select your preferred location, amenities, and even roommates. So don’t delay. Take control of your future today, and secure your ideal student accommodation in Nottingham.


Generally speaking, Nottingham students usually choose to live in Wollaton, Dunkirk, Lenton and Beeston. Most students at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University choose to live in Lenton for the convenience of life and study. And Lenton has a vast range of student accommodation to choose from.

Nottingham presents a thoughtful balance of affordability and quality living. A family of four is likely to face all-encompassing monthly expenditures around £4,276, covering everything from accommodation, meals, conveyance to leisure activities. This figure ensures nothing essential is overlooked. For single inhabitants, the monthly expenditures are projected to be close to £2,582. These numbers reflect Nottingham’s resilient economy that promotes a manageable cost of living, guaranteeing a superior lifestyle for its denizens.

Regarding safety, Nottingham is broadly perceived as safer than major UK urban centres such as London and Birmingham. When looking for student accommodation, you can pay more attention to the flat’s location and avoid areas with relatively poor security.

The weather in Nottingham is typically maritime, characterised by somewhat cool, drizzly winters and mild, moderately damp summers.


Situated in the heart of England, within the East Midlands region, the city experiences winters that, while not bitterly cold, are often accompanied by overcast skies, substantial humidity, and occasionally moderate or strong winds. Rainfall is a common occurrence. On the chilliest winter nights, temperatures usually hover around -6/-7 °C (19/21 °F).


As for the summer months, the climate remains mainly mild or cool, with rainfall slightly less frequent than in the winter. However, short bouts of heatwaves are not unusual. The city’s highest recorded temperature was a scorching 40 °C.

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