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Melbourne Living 101: Apartments vs. Dormitories

To study abroad in Australia, living in a student dormitory or student housing in Melbourne is a common choice. We’ll examine these accommodation options, detailing their pros and cons, and provide guidance for making the right choice in this accommodation guide.

1. Renting for Apartments

Student accommodation guide in Melbourne


For first-year students arriving in Melbourne, renting apartments independently isn’t highly recommended due to potential unexpected challenges. Navigating an unfamiliar environment can be overwhelming, leading to difficulties in problem-solving. By the second year, students typically have a better grasp of their surroundings and housing options. Renting with classmates or friends becomes a viable alternative, offering more freedom compared to university dormitories. However, selecting an apartment demands thorough evaluation after familiarizing oneself with the surroundings.


    • Roommates and specific rental locations can be chosen by yourself, whether you want to be close to the city center, supermarkets, or libraries, etc.”

    • Students who love pets can keep their beloved pets in the house.



  • Some utilities like water and electricity aren’t covered in your weekly expenses, necessitating separate payments. This can be particularly costly in winter when heating is essential, and if it’s not included, prices can soar.
  • Interactions with landlords can be challenging. Dealing with a landlord of questionable character may result in deposit disputes and neglect of household maintenance issues.
  • The absence of security systems or cameras makes lower-floor residences more vulnerable to burglary compared to higher floors, posing a potential safety concern.


2. Renting for Student dormitories

The Student dormitaries in the Universiy of Melbourne.


Most student accommodations at universities like the University of Melbourne are divided into university-owned residences and commercial student accommodations. Due to limited availability of university residences, many students can’t secure a spot, leading them to opt for commercial student accommodations affiliated with the university. These commercial options offer a comfortable living environment, becoming the preferred choice for renting among students.

  • Studio apartments: These units come with a private bathroom and kitchenette and are designed for single occupancy.
  • En-suite apartments: These apartments feature a private bathroom and shared kitchen and living room facilities, typically accommodating 5-6 occupants.

  • Standard apartments: These units offer shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.


    • Most of them are very close to the campus, so it’s convenient to go to school without having to get up early.

    • You can get to know roommates from different countries.

    • The rooms are fully equipped with kitchen appliances, furniture, and everything you need, making it easy to move in.

    • You don’t need to handle utilities such as water, electricity, and internet by yourself.

    • There is 24-hour surveillance and access control, very safe.

    • The kitchen and living room spaces in the apartment are cleaned by dedicated staff, including garbage disposal.


    • For students who choose the studio type of accommodation, the open kitchen may lead to odor issues, and compared to those in en-suite units, single occupancy can feel more isolated.

    • If you encounter unusual roommates, especially those who enjoy hosting parties, en-suite accommodations may be noisier. Therefore, students who prefer quiet and solitude should carefully consider their choice.
    • Since it’s a shared kitchen space, managing the kitchen sink can be problematic. If someone doesn’t clean it on time, it can cause inconvenience to other roommates who come after them.


Considerations when renting in Melbourne.


Whether you opt for the convenience of a student apartment or the challenges and independence of renting on your own, both options offer unique opportunities for your university experience at the University of Melbourne. Consider your preferences, priorities, and lifestyle to make the best decision for yourself. Whichever path you choose, embrace it fully and make the most out of your time studying in Melbourne!


Sometimes yes, but choosing where to live during your studies is about more than just comfort and price—it’s about smart budgeting too. Student accommodations often provide better affordability than private apartments, bundling utility bills, Wi-Fi, and sometimes cleaning services. Plus, you get access to communal areas like study rooms and gyms without extra costs. But beyond cost, consider what environment suits your study habits and social needs best. Student accommodations offer a sense of community and authentic connections among peers with similar experiences.

Melbourne, a vibrant hub of education, culture, and opportunity, attracts students from all over the globe. If you’re considering joining the ranks of these scholars, you’ll want to know how your budget aligns with living costs.

Student accommodation in Melbourne varies in price depending on several factors, including proximity to your institution, the level of luxury, and the duration of your stay. On average, one can expect to pay anywhere from AUD$200 to AUD$400 per week for student accommodation. While this may seem steep, remember that this typically includes utilities, amenities, and a priceless opportunity to immerse yourself in the full student community experience.

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