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Tips for Rooms for Rent in Sheffield

How do I choose Rooms for Rent in Sheffield? What are the fears about renting student accommodation in Sheffield? I understand that you can’t wait to get here, I was just as anxious as you are. After all, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you first arrive in an unfamiliar environment. But, action cures fear. Dont let what you worried eclipse what you need. Based on my experience of living in Sheffield, understanding and gathering information is the first step to renting a property in Sheffield.

Rooms for Rent in Sheffield

Why is Renting a Room in Sheffield Important? 

Studying in University of Sheffield was probably one of my best decisions in years. It was more or less a “one-shot” decision when I decided to go abroad. My grades were only in the upper-middle range, and I was at a stage where I had no plans to enjoy my university life to the fullest. I thought I was at a stage where I had no plans to enjoy my university life, but there is always some “impulsive” and “thoughtless” romanticism in life. But this seemingly impulsive decision seems to have paid off handsomely for me.

Studying in University of Sheffield

In Sheffield, the professors usually advocate communicative teaching, and there will be a lot of seminars and presentations, which will be very good for me to practice my English communication skills. Moreover, for an English major, immersion in a native English-speaking country will improve my speaking skills by leaps and bounds.

In terms of life, being away from home, away from my parents, and even living in an ensuite that is a separate room. This gives me more opportunities to be alone, and the lack of discipline means my self-control will improve even more. Self-control is a necessary trait to have when studying abroad. There was no attendance, roll call, or signing in, and grades came mainly from the papers that were usually handed in and the results of the final exams. Behavioural autonomy and autonomy in life are dramatically improved. So renting a room in Sheffield is still very important for study abroad.

Rent  a room around University of Sheffield

After graduating, I interviewed for a job at Sci Academic Publishing, ranked fourth in the world for OA journals. This journal company only has science journals and requires applicants to be graduate students majoring in science. However, it was necessary to communicate with foreign scholars frequently. So, my study abroad experience became a powerful knock on the door of my successful employment. My English is excellent, so I conducted several training sessions for foreign colleagues. At present, I have become the editor with top monthly performance. Moreover, I have started to contact sci special issues.

Job seeking in Sheffield

Renting a room in Sheffield is essential. Today, I will talk to you about everything you need to know about renting in the UK, including FAQs, school halls of residence, off-campus student accommodation, and renting your place, taking you through Sheffield accommodation in one place!


You can apply for a homestay through the school or find one alone. The difference is that the school may charge an extra fee. This means that not only do you have to pay the host family rent, but you also have to pay the school some money each week. Whether this is paid or not depends on your school. If you get a homestay through a website or a friend, it is much cheaper.

Student Accommodation in Sheffield

There are three types of Student Accommodation in Sheffield, Studio, Ensuite and Shared apartment. Studio with its own bathroom and private kitchen, Ensuite with its own bathroom and shared kitchen, Shared with shared bathroom and shared kitchen.

Private Renting Rooms

Don’t want to stay with a host family or in a school accommodation? Then you can choose to rent your room. In the second year in the UK, most students will find some friends to live with them, which is also more accessible and cosy. There are many options for renting your room in Sheffield. You can rent a single room, a double room, a studio, a flat or a house. Renting your own room is more flexible and makes roommate issues more manageable.

Common Rental Housing in Sheffield

House VS Flat

House is similar to what is known as a cottage in China. They are usually detached, duplex, or side-by-side. Usually, a two- or three-storey house may also have a garden, so the environment is better. Rooms can be extravagant or simple, accessible in all aspects. The sound insulation upstairs and downstairs is also better, suitable for students who want to have company but sometimes want not to be disturbed. Moreover, if you live in a house, you can keep pets if the landlord doesn’t mind. School dormitories are not allowed to have one.

Rooms for Rent in Sheffield

Flat means flat, which is equivalent to a suite in a Chinese residential building, Apartment is used in the U.S. and Flat is used in the U.K. Flat has a bedroom (may be Ensuite), kitchen, living room and bathroom after entering the door. It is usually on one floor and does not require going up and down the stairs. It allows for more communication amongst your friends, makes life easier, and is generally more spacious.

Generally speaking, the price of a house is cheaper, but you may have to share the bathroom. Some Houses are farther away from the city centre living area.Flat tends to have better location, with a variety of choices of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom. So, if you don’t want to share a bathroom, you can also rent a two-bedroom, two-bathroom flat, which is usually priced close to a school dormitory. Most flats and houses don’t include water and electricity bills.

Rooms for Rent in Sheffield

Ensuite VS Non-suite

Ensuite is a prevalent room type in UK dormitories. The room comes with an en-suite bathroom. It may be a room in a House or a Flat. The house usually has a shared kitchen and living room. Students who are more concerned about bathrooms or personal space can choose Ensuite.

Non-suite is a single room without a bathroom. The room has basic furniture and facilities. However, the bathroom, toilet and kitchen in the house are shared. Compared with the Ensuite, the price of a Non-suite room will be lower under the same condition, which is suitable for students looking for high cost-effectiveness.


Studio VS Shared

Studio is a prevalent type of household, ranging in size from 12 square metres to 30 square metres. The room will provide a bed, desk, wardrobe, toilet, bathroom and kitchen. However, the kitchens in the Studio are all open kitchens. So, it is not very suitable for cooking dishes with more fumes. A studio is equivalent to a one-bedroom, which is usually more expensive. It is ideal for financially well-off students who like to live quietly.


A shared house means you have your independent bedroom. However, sharing the kitchen and living room with others is necessary. It may also include a bathroom (Ensuite is not shared). We can collectively call this type of room a single standard room. Generally speaking, this type of room is small but lovely in price. For those who like to socialise, choosing a Sharehouse also makes it easier to meet your roommate’s friends and classmates. In this way, the social circle keeps growing!

Shared Room

Find Rooms for Rent in Sheffield

Choosing School student Accommodation

You can choose the room type from the official websites of the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. Generally, three types of rooms are shared room, ensuite, and studio. The advantages of school dormitories are safe and convenient, and all the residents are students. However, as we all know, only a few places are available in UK school dormitories, so it isn’t easy to apply for them. And surprisingly, they are much more expensive than off-campus ones.

Planning to Find Your Flat

In Sheffield, there are two types to choose from: one is off-campus student accommodation (usually run by specialised companies). One is a House or Flat (the kind several people share; you need to find a rental company or agent).

Advantages of off-campus student flats and houses: cost-effective, longer rental period (can cover up to graduation ceremony). The main point is that you can choose your roommate to live in a House or Flat.

Cons: It is more tedious to find. There is little comparability between different properties, and you may need to pay your own Bill.

Rooms for Rent in Sheffield

How Do I Find Off-Campus Rooms and Houses for Rent in Sheffield?

University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University are fused in the city, and school halls of residence are not always the closest and most convenient option. So, tossing down the gauntlet and looking for an apartment on your own is better.

These are a couple of websites you can look at, Rightmove and Zoopla, which have registered companies or agencies on them. There is also Gumtree, which has second-hand car dealings, second-hand property dealings, job applications and so on. However, in recent years, there are a lot of cyber security problems, and Gumtree is always lying down. Because it is a person-to-person transaction, and there is no authentication. Therefore, there is a probability to meet a bad landlord. Once you find out that the landlord sends you an email saying that he is on holiday in the Caribbean and asking you to send money by Western Union, it is a common scam. Cheap is not good, it applies all over the world.

There is also uhomes, which helped me a lot. You can set the rental period, length of stay, type of room, distance to school, price range and so on according to your needs. It is very convenient for you to compare different room types when booking. There is no service charge for recommendation, enquiry and booking. Moreover, there are various discounts on the website from time to time.

Rooms for Rent in Sheffield

Rooms for Rent in Sheffield

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-Catered or Catered?

Generally speaking, halls of residence in the UK are self-catered, meaning that no canteen is provided and you will have to feed yourself. There will be a communal kitchen in the dormitory or a separate kitchen if you live in a studio. Catered dormitories are relatively rare, and it is said that only a very few dormitories in TSE offer catered dormitories, and the corresponding room rates will be higher than those that do not offer catered dormitories.

Lease Term

There are two lease terms for student accommodation in the UK: 42 weeks and 51 weeks. Forty-two weeks is from mid-September to early July, i.e. from the start of the academic year to the beginning of the summer holidays. And 51 weeks is including summer holidays. You can choose according to your needs.


Bill refers to utility, gas, internet, and so on. Generally, student flats will include the bill in the rent. For privately rented accommodation, the bill may be included as an extra charge on top of the rent.

Rooms for Rent in University of Sheffield

iQ Fenton House

iQ Fenton House Apartments are located close to Sheffield city centre and within walking distance of the University of Sheffield. The flats offer a variety of room types such as standard rooms, double rooms and flat suites with all the amenities. In addition, the flats offer free laundry and drying facilities and the lobby is equipped with 24-hour security and a surveillance system.

Rooms for Rent in Sheffield

Redvers Tower

Redvers Tower flats are a popular area for student life with plenty of facilities and activities within walking distance of the University of Sheffield campus. The apartments offer single, double and en-suite rooms. Furnished rooms can be booked if required. The flats have regular facilities such as free Wi-Fi, a gym, a study room and a TV room, and offer 24-hour surveillance for security.

Rooms for Rent in Sheffield

Telephone House

Telephone House is the best student accommodation in Sheffield, with various flat types, mainly consisting of shared kitchens and en-suite rooms with single use of the kitchen and bathroom. The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University are both within easy reach. Students can walk to the former in 14 minutes and the latter in 7 minutes.

Rooms for Rent in Sheffield

Finding Rooms for Rent in Sheffield can be very challenging. However, you can find comfortable and suitable student housing in Sheffield to live if you have the proper methods and tips for renting an apartment. Above is the information about renting a flat in Sheffield that I have prepared for everyone. Hope it can help you understand this market better, find your favourite accommodation and have a smooth study career.


Rent prices in Sheffield can vary greatly depending on the location, size, and amenities of the room. On average, expect to pay between £350-£600 per month.

Areas such as Crookes, Ecclesall Road, and the city centre are highly sought after due to their proximity to the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. They also boast a vibrant nightlife and plenty of shops and restaurants.

Most rooms for rent in Sheffield come with basic furnishings like a bed, desk, and wardrobe. Utilities such as gas, electricity, and internet are generally included in the rent. Some may even include cleaning services in shared areas.

First, identify a suitable room within your budget and preferred location. Contact the landlord or letting agency to arrange a viewing if possible. If you’re happy with the room, you can secure it by paying a deposit and signing a rental agreement.

Renters in Sheffield have the same rights as those across the UK. These include the right to live in a safe and healthy environment, the right to know who your landlord is, and the right to not be unfairly evicted.

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