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Your Essential Guide to Securing Cheap Student Accommodation in Edinburgh

Are you a recent graduate starting your first year in Edinburgh? You may be planning post-graduate studies and need an affordable place to stay. Whatever your reasons for wanting cheap student accommodation in Edinburgh, this ultimate guide has all the resources and advice necessary to ensure you find the perfect home away from home. We’ll walk through everything from understanding local tenancy laws, budgeting tips and tricks, safety considerations, the best areas to look for flats or rooms, how to connect with others who may have what you’re looking for and more! Make sure to read up on these critical steps so that finding affordable Edinburgh student accommodation doesn’t become an extra exam that cannot be failed!

Average Cost of Student Accommodation 

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Edinburgh’s property market is diverse, offering students a range of accommodation options. The average cost of student accommodation varies depending on the type and location. Typically, living closer to the university may be more convenient but can also be more expensive due to high demand. It’s also essential to consider factors like proximity to amenities, access to public transport, and safety when choosing an area to live in.

A small studio apartment in Edinburgh can cost from £650 to over £900 per month. On the other hand, a room in a shared house costs around £225 on average. For those looking for more independence, renting a one-bedroom flat could cost around £1,100-£1,200 per month. It’s also worth noting that nearly one in five Edinburgh students pay over £800 monthly rent.

Tips for Finding Cheap Student Accommodation 

useful tips about finding cheap student accommodation in Edinburgh

Form a Group of Flatmates: Sharing a flat with others can significantly decrease your share of the rent and utility bills. It also provides an opportunity to form a community and share responsibilities.

Budget for All Possible Costs: When choosing your accommodation, ensure you account for all costs, not just the rent. This might include utilities, internet, council tax, and other potential costs.

Focus on Security Deposit and Rent Research: Be clear about the security deposit and how it will be returned at the end of your tenancy. Also, research the average rents in different areas to ensure a fair deal.

Understand Your Contract: Before signing any rental agreement, understand all the terms and conditions. If anything needs to be clarified, seek advice before committing.

Consider Locations Outside the City Centre: Areas like Musselburgh, although slightly outside Edinburgh, offer cheaper rent and are still easily accessible by public transport.

Start Searching Early: The earlier you start looking for accommodation, the more options you’ll have. This can give you a better chance of finding something within your budget.

Cheap Student Accommodation in Edinburgh 

uhomes is a global platform that provides a variety of student accommodations, including apartments, flats, and rooms with verified reviews. With homes, you can find cheap student accommodation in Edinburgh easily. There are some cheap Edinburgh student accommodation.

Price: £184 per week

Edinburgh College Residences offers a wide range of student accommodation options, including five-bedroom flats and fully furnished studio flats. The flats cater to undergraduate, postgraduate, and international students. There is an intense community atmosphere with regular social events, a communal lounge with comfortable seating, and a large TV for meeting friends. The rooms are modern and light, and with cafes, shops and green spaces nearby, you’ll be in the perfect position to enjoy your time as a student in Edinburgh.

cheap Edinburgh Student Accommodation

Price: £185 per week

Located in the bustling Canonmills area north of Edinburgh city centre, Beaverbank is surrounded by excellent amenities, top restaurants, small bars, and a wide range of shops, and is conveniently located within walking distance of the University of Edinburgh‘s campuses. Beaverbank is a modern apartment building with single and double rooms, carefully furnished to provide a comfortable accommodation and study environment. Free buses run to the University of Edinburgh’s KB and GS campuses from Monday to Friday.

Price: £199 per week

Arran House apartments offer Ensuite and Studio rooms for 5-7 people. Whether you want your own separate and private living space or a social space with friends enjoying the communal kitchen, there is an option for you! The flat is a 20-minute walk from Edinburgh city centre. So the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, the main shopping area of Princes Street, Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station and countless other landmarks are virtually all within easy reach of the flat!

cheap student accommodation in Edinburgh

Price: £200 per week

Westfield is a new 2022 student accommodation development in Edinburgh, offering ensuite studio flats and private studios. The design is modern and fresh, with the real needs of students in mind. The flats have many amenities, including a large social space, gym, games area, study space, bike storage and a beautiful courtyard for students. Located 20 minutes by bus from Heriot-Watt University, it is one of the closest flats to Heriot-Watt in Edinburgh.


It’s advisable to start your search early, ideally six months prior to the intake. For the September intake, start looking between January and March. For shared housing, students typically begin their search in May.

During a viewing, whether virtual or physical, ensure that all areas of the property are checked. Look out for signs of dampness, check the water pressure, test the lights, and ask about heating and insulation. Prepare a list of questions beforehand about the property, rent, utilities, lease agreement, etc.

Edinburgh offers a range of student accommodations, including university halls, private student halls, shared flats and houses. Depending on your budget and personal preference, you can choose the type that suits you best.

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